what working voice actors say: \report from my seminar panel

What is the most important consideration for a vo talent just starting out? Self confidence was the answer given by panel members at my seminar this weekend in oklahoma city. Believing in yourself, knowing that this new venture will succeed and grow is most vital element in starting anything new.

Why do new vo talents expect instant success and money? It\s unrealistic, panel members agreed. This is a new start-up business. It is no different from any other business when new. The 'build' takes time. Growth must happen. The business develops and the first couple of years determine whether the venture will succeed or fail. Keep plugging away and do those auditions daily. Develop new clients. Keep old ones happy. Keep improving your skills. Keep believing in yourself in your identity as a voice performer/actor.

What does your agent look for in people the agency signs? Professionalism and the ability to make the agency money. Agents also want to work with talents who are easy to manage, friendly, nice and easy going, not super star mentality. And of course, agents want professional marketing materials kept up to date and want talents to engage in self promotion and help them sell.

So many other wonderful topics were discussed by this panel consisting of \new \orleans super talent Roy Bunales, OKC vo powerhouse and businessman Kent Jones, agents donna summers and margie madden, DR. \bill brewer of okc, michael kelly, and me, bettye zoller. Thanks everyone.

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Comment by Bettye Zoller on November 2, 2010 at 1:37am
Thank you |kent for your comment here. For those who do not yet know Kent, he is a major voice talent, producer, audio engineer in Oklahoma now performing for the world. He's marvelous and what a talent.
Comment by Kent Jones on November 1, 2010 at 6:50pm
Bettye, thank you for the opportunity to participate in your panel discussions at the Oklahoma City seminar! There was a lot of great information this weekend. You are so straightforward and helpful with everyone. Thank you!

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