Three lessons I give up or go on? Well, I'm not giving up, but man is this a bit rough getting started. I've been doing voice overs to myself for a long time. You know, mocking the trailers and just goofing around. When I do it, the words are mine and I'm just playing. Now I'm doing it "for real" trying to find my voice(s).

Reading out loud and trying to make it sound interesting...thinking about every word, what word do I hit... Trying to get it all as I over analys every word out of my mouth. A million thoughts going through my head. "Your too flat" "Too much, its not that kind of read" "your flat again". What the heck!

I'm the same way when it comes to free diving in a way. I know how its done, I know I can do it, why am I not doing it? My issues in freediving come because I studied I know what to do, but it's in the exicution, I need to practice and work through the feeling of holding my breath and dealing with pressure as I get deeper and so on. It has not become automatic because I have not been able to practice enough. Voice over, is similar. I hear what I'm supposed to do...I've been talking my whole life. Why can't I make my voice do what I want?why do I have to think so much?? Reading, I've read (though I always hated reading out loud) for a few years at least. Slow down, read all the words, speak clearly, pronounce the words right and GET ALL THE WORDS! Even the small words that my brain seems to pass over as I normally read. I tend to anticipate words as well and try to put in words I would use or think are coming up, rather than what is on the page. Yeah, and don't forget to punch that word and go up in this section and ease off here and speak like this there.... GAH!

I'm about to chuck my computer into the wall! Frustration....take a break...come back to it...but I want to do it right and I "SHOULD" be able to do this no problem!

I'll get it, I know, I'm still new. Its just a bit overwhelming at the moment. The way I am, I feel if I know how to do it I should be able to do it and that isn't always the case. It's a long road and I'm just getting started. I can't wait to see where the road leads.

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Comment by Martha R Mellinger on February 20, 2011 at 12:21pm

I'm pretty new myself and I know what you're talking about.  Part of the package when doing voiceover is that you're stuck alone with yourself a lot!


Comment by Chris Neal on February 19, 2011 at 3:06pm
I completely goofed....and deleted the comment to my post. Darn touch screen... Well, thanks for the comment!

Comment by Chris Neal 1 minute ago
Delete Comment I am working with Keith Alan @ 57th Street Media. I still question myself. All these questions rush through my head while practicing alone or with Keith. It's very hard finding the right read and to be consistent with it. I am a perfectionist and if it doesn't sound right to me.... I get frustrated.

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