LOVING the copy/practice sessions! Really a great group and all seem to be enjoying the experience so far - 90 minutes goes by quickly trying to give everyone a couple passes at the mic with at least a couple takes each time. It's a super experience for my directing and producing skills too. So far, I received some really nice, unsolicited, feedback in that area. I'll definitely be doing another one of these sessions next year.

Pamela Lewis will be doing another workshop at RMS recording studios, Sunday, October 25th...details TBA soon. Character Voice or Looping or Both! Pamela and I will also be having another Dexter VO night with an intro to Looping in film, Monday, November 2.

Private sessions with students are really rewarding. Same as with the group sessions, it's great fun to get unexpected voices out of students, like when doing an impression of Goofy turns into a bang-on Don Knotts! Or a mention of talking with tight lips turns into nailing Rod Serling.

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