Thoughts on How To Best Get Narration Jobs: It Works for Me!

The voice over category I've always been most fond of is narration...narration of all kinds (although some are very boring but pay well). But whether the script is exciting or not, whether the client is a pal or a grouch, I will still say I love narrating things best of all..videos, films, documentaries, travel, cable channel projects, charity promos, city and corporate promos or training, fashion, music, educational projects for all ages, and medical.

Another thing I like about narrations...the clients tend to be loyal to voices the like and enjoy working with. So, once you win a new client, if you're good and the client likes you, you probably will get good repeat business from him or her. So how to best sell clients on using you>? And where are the clients?

Well, clients for narrations are everywhere. We live in a narration world! From a point of purchase video running in a loop on a projector or TV in a department store to training films for a multi-national company to be shown to employees worldwide, clients are easy to come by if you know how.

First, like all other areas in voice over, you need a 'killer' narration demo. If you're still unaware of this need, it's been around a long time now. One demo never does it. And never mix commercials with narrations on a single CD. The producers who hire narrators don't want to hear commercials and vice-versa. Plus, having a narration demo shows you've a body of work (real or not... you have to start somewhere...) and commercial reads sometimes 'turn off a producer' who automatically labels you as 'commercial and too hard sell.'

Hospitals are a particularly good way to get medical clients. Healthcare facilities of all sizes have a need for narrators. Get to know the Audio Visual Department in the healthcare facility. They all have one. Most have state of the art recording studios, even video studios.

As for corporate work, get your narration demo to the major corporate headquarters in your city. Most want you to come into their studios. The best option for remote work is, of course, the online pay to play sites and they get a lot of narration jobs you can audition for.

Some narration clients book through agents but many do not. But make sure your agents know you want narration work. Make sure your agent is plugged into the narration world and how lucrative it is for us voice actors.

If you're union, the major advertising agencies will book you through casting directors or agents. They won't hire you directly except for a few 'mavericks.'

Don't forget your local Chambers of Commerce. Remember to hit up local business owners,especially those with whom you do business on a regular basis.

Get your demo to charitable agencies too. They all do fund raising and awareness videos.

Product manufacturers use narrators. Restaurant chains use narrators to train employees. Everybody who makes anything will do video if they are of any size and need narrators often.

The major cable channels all have headquarters. Get the list. It's in the "Call Sheet," formerly known as "Ross Reports." This is pricey but well worth it. It is published four times each year as installments. You may luck out and find one in a library or at an agent's office.

Just know that narration is bread and butter.
Go for it. Build up this side of your business!
Hope this helps.
Bettye Zoller LLC

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