Ok... I've had Maxwell for over a year, and these past months had given me some insight as to why it's better to have a Smart (as opposed to other cars)

My top ten list (in no particular order):

10) Parking...Yesterday I pulled smoothly into a space a Mini Cooper passed up.

9) Gas mileage... I've had it for over a year, have driven over 10,650 miles, and I just filled the tank for the 30th time. Heh.

8) Great way to meet people... I have found that everyone that comes up to me to ask me about the car is smiling and friendly and some of them have turned into actual friends.

7) Driver courtesy... I know they're probably just doing it so they can get a better look, but other drivers are more likely to let me go ahead of them or will make space for me when I'm changing lanes.

6) Green... Did you know the Smart Car is made of recyclable materials? http://...com/smrtgrn

5) Fun... Yes, even after a year, it's still a total blast to drive. The sub-woofer underneath the driver's seat doesn't hurt.

4) Service... The few times I have had to take Maxwell in for service, such as the recent transmission computer software upgrade, the Smart dealer people have been more than courteous, friendly, happy to see me and VERY efficient. They even filled my tires with more eco-friendly nitrogen (http://www.getnitrogen.org), and gave him a bath. They also make excellent coffee. Great company all the way around.

3) Fame... I live in Los Angeles, which means I occasionally run into someone famous. And they usually remark about the car. The most recent was in a Trader Joe's parking lot; Hugh Laurie (of "House" fame) walked by and called Maxwell 'brilliant' and said he hadn't seen one since he was in the UK. Too cool. Plus I've been interviewed for several newspaper articles and TV segments.

2) Economical... I've been able to talk myself into half-price parking because "it's only takes half a space..."

1) Nobody asks me to help them move or be a designated driver any more.

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