I’m a Voice-coach/ Voice-over artist making a living from using my voice on Radio and television or wherever else they decide to pop me on ;-) Let me first say, there are many Voice Coaches that care about your success! I want this to help in you choosing a quality Voice coach that can deliver what they pitch you. The failsafe test for coaches in my opinion is as follows.

#1 how long have you been doing professional Voice-overs?
#2 what radio/TV Campaigns have I heard you on?
#3 when did you become a Voice-over coach?
#4 why should I utilize your services?
#5 what professional references could you provide other than a radio station?
#6 what’s your success rate? Please explain!
#7 how do you decide, if I am suited for the business?
#8 what connections can you offer, agencies, agents, etc.
#9 Will I be an expert after your coaching? Answer...Should be NO!!! It takes time, experience to hold that title. But after getting a gig and many more you’re on your way.
#10 Where is your studio? Many have home studios, some good, some well… make sure you ask them what they use to produce with and if they themselves are the demo producers? Many use others to do this, who are they?

I truly hope this gets’ plenty of buzz among the Voice-over Universe and beyond! Sometimes, asking good questions can cut down on the insanity of chasing your tail

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