The Burger Palace Audio Hardcore workout group continues to bring fantasic talent together on a weekly basis. This month the workouts have changed to more focused themes. For the last 2 weekends a group of 5 VO talent have come together for a FULL day of work towards improved narration. This is a group who all have experience in broadcast narration and recognize the need for constant adaptation and growth to keep current and hireable.

My personal challenge is finding where I truly belong. It's easy as a talent to imagine a place where we want to be but the real advantage of getting other insightful and honest people in the room together is hearing the truth. My voice is not that of the voice of God, Peter Coyote, or any of a number of hard working talent. So the goal this month is to really find my place. Know what I will book in narration by todays standards and go after it.

Luckily I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of todays prominant names in narration. Those who own the Discovery, Nat Geo and TLC types of reads. They are whom many of us emulate while finding our own voices. My place is out there. The bookings and work are happening and with the help of my VO bretheren who are on the same quest and journey as I we should all be able to find our places in this arena.

Please share your personal journey. The trials you face, the successes and victories. The "aha" moments along your way.

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