Daring Dragonfly starring Michael Ray Davis - how a voice talent creates the magic

There are some voice artists that have wonderful acting ability and experience.  I feel privileged to know and work with a great actor and voice actor, Michael Ray Davis.


Michael has an amazingly versatile voice.  He can basically do any accent or inflection on the planet; has an array of character voices and even has an announcer/promo style voice.  But Michael loves acting and sometimes he is approached with a fun project that incorporates both acting and voice talent.


See Michael as the nutty inventor in the Daring Dragonfly commercial plus hear him as the announcer throughout the spot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRS2I89q_eo


You can catch more and write to Michael Ray Davis here at his VU profile and listen/see him at http://800casting.com/13179 (click 'Voices' to get to the audio links; 'Reels' for tv and film video clips).

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