I just saw this article on MSN.com... about the 10 Coolest Jobs in the World and VoiceActors only just made the list at number ten. Which prompted me to do my own analysis. What jobs could possibly be cooler or more fun than voice work? Well, it turns out, none. At least not for me.

From the MSN Careers article, I present their list, my perspective:

10 Jobs Cooler Than Yours (or so they think…)

1. Cruise director. Okay, so you get to to travel the world on a cruise ship, but you also have to deal with couples in matching shirts arguing that the answer to number 7 in the trivia game is NOT Rome, but Russia. Whatever. And while going on a cruise as a guest is just a little slice of heaven, living on a ship, sleeping in crew quarters and having to be responsible for scheduling fun and games for anywhere to 1200 to 5000 guests does NOT sound like a good time to me.

2. Doll doctor. Great. Assuming you live in an area where there are a lot of broken dolls and mommies with the money to fix ‘em. Otherwise, you’re watching a whole lot of Judge Judy and selling off your gold jewelry to make ends meet.

3. Foley artist. Kind of close to voice work, in a way… that is you are creating sound for films. But like doll doctor, and correct me if I’m wrong, I’m guessing there aren’t a lot of openings for ‘Foley Artist’ in your town.

4. Food critic. I do this every day. Only no one pays me. They just call it complaining.

5. Pet psychologist. I do this too, only I still can’t get my Border Collie, Rosie, to open up and tell me why she insists on nibbling on the plants in my garden. Fun? Or just frustrating.

6. Route setter. What is this? People who get paid to change the routes in various settings, such as indoor climbing walls, foot trails and running races? Sounds like it requires some interest in physical activities. No thanks.

7. Shoe designer. These are my Reeboks. These are my flip flops. This is not something I have the slightest interest in.

8. Storm chaser. Hello “Twister”? Not for me. I couldn’t even watch the movie.

9. Video game tester. Sounds like the perfect job for your slacker son who can’t put down the controls long enough to graduate. For him, this could be turning a nightmare into a dream job. But not for me. Even Mario made my heart race, and not in a good way.

10. Voice actor. Ahh… just reading that and I feel like I’m home. Cool? Yes. Fun? Heck, yeah. And how lucky are we to get to grab that script and go?? Ridiculously fortunate.

And so, coming soon, my top 10 on what makes voice acting the best job in the world. But first I gotta go stop Rosie from eating the sunflowers.

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Comment by Cindy Clifford on June 4, 2009 at 7:08am
Oh yeah... we're so lucky! And how funny that along with my Border Collie Rosie, my other dog's name IS Riley. Talk about the life of... well, you know. And not too long after I wrote that, I discovered that it was Riley and NOT the magnificent Rosie, who is digging up the garden. I should have known better and it was the tucked tail and sad eyes that gave him away.
Comment by David Seys on June 4, 2009 at 5:50am
Oh how I enjoyed your blog Cindy! For most of my life I was a Financial Director of various small companies....and then my voice was spotted. As the work took off, I sold up and pocketed the loot from all those years of stress.

Best job in the world? I should jolly well say so! All the angst in getting to the final script is someone else's problem. It just pops into my inbox, I study it, enjoy reading it, and then tear it up, forget about it and wait for the lovely cheque!

I live in the middle of a forest (with a wife and 3 border collies), there is no commuting and the only stress is deciding what to do about the slugs in the garden, the bee swarm in the garage and the doves making a mess of my roof!

Voice acting? This is the life of Riley. I do hope it continues well for you.

David Seys

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