So, I'm not really feeling all that good today.

I just finished a One Day workshop with Bob Bergen and I don't think I've ever felt this unsure about myself in all my time working towards becoming a Voice Actor.

Today, I was faced with the reality that all I have are wacky, silly voices and Impersonations ... no real substance. In fact.. I was faced with the fact that I have no real substance at all.

All I am are the wacky voices and impressions. In both of the times I was up at the mic reading for characters.. all I could was impressions of voices heard before (yes, I'll admit that I did add my own uniqueness to them) .. but I don't think they were considered to be "Unique, Original Characters".

I mean, I know I have some Original Charcters that I came up with, but when I saw the description and picture of the Character.. I could only think of pulling out the Three Stooges and Ed Wynn impressions respectively.

I dunno.. I think I might be getting too hard on myself and putting myself down for no reason.. but after the class... it almost felt like I had no original talent or skill as a Voice Actor... I've been down like this ever since.

Even now, I keep asking myself.. "Am I really cut out for this?" "Have I been fooling myself into thinking I can really make it as a Successful Voice Actor?" "Do I only think I have skill and originality?".

Yeah, most people who know me will know that self-esteem is not something I have in spades and I have a tendency to get emotionally down when things seem to go awry from my perspective. So now I'm questioning my future as a Voice Actor and whether I'm worthy of having a Commercial Demo and again, whether or not I actually have any valuable talent at all.

To offer the other side of the story... Bob did say that I should take classes on Acting Technique and Improv before I shell out a single penny on Voice Over classes and that I need to learn to focus while "Off-Stage".

Oh well, I have the Commercial Class tommorow... maybe that will perk up my spirits a bit.

But that kind of segue's into another thing I wanted to bring up.

I currently live in Oxnard, Ca. Ventura County, about 1 hour north of LA. The Lease on my Apartment will expire in November.

I want to take this opportunity to move to LA so I can be closer to the industry and be able to take more classes and have better access to the Voice Acting resources that are only found in LA.

I was thinking of maybe North Hollywood, or Burbank, or Toluca Lake, or anywhere along the 4-line intersection of the 101/170/134.

Right now, I can afford about $600 a month in Rent and really I'm just looking for a place to live.

So, I'm putting this out to everyone here who reads this. If you know anyone or have any leads as to places that are renting or people who have rooms/places avaialable.. please let me know. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for Reading.

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Comment by DAVID ALDEN on September 28, 2008 at 5:29pm
Hi Justin,

John Taylor's comment sounds like real bud and I'm with him on it... Snap Out of IT! I can hear the caring in John's tone... hell, he took the time to reply. And, as he mentioned, you're not alone in this, we all go through it, you don't have the market on it... it's just a pitfall... and YOU have the choice to fall into it or not.

BUT, I would take it one step further and offer you this... Self Judgment is the monster here... not Bob, not your talent, not where you live, it's not outside of you. If you know you have self esteem issues and if your emotions are based on "things not going your way"... those are the REAL issues to look at and take care of... you want explore the inside issues. Who you are is not based on what you do... think of each day like an obstacle course, from the time you wake up till you go to bed for the night, things are going to pop up and/or divert your attention at various levels of intensity, but if you can remain balanced, focused, above the fray and all the while maintain a positive, joyful, enthusiastic attitude and be grateful for your very existence... it makes for a GREAT day.

Learn the tools to be strong and able on the inside, because everything else will be what it will be and you'll recognize it as such and get on with it. So as you follow your dreams, listen to the information coming into your consciousness, (it's just information, that's all) whether it's from me, John, Bob or anyone... and question it, see if it resonates WITHIN you and then make your decisions. Maybe those wacky voices are better suited elsewhere, maybe animation isn't your thing or maybe it is, maybe it's storytelling, or audiobooks, or who knows... only you do. An acting class is great place to start, as is doing the inner work... they all go hand in hand. Joine Penny Abshire's Positive Group here on VU... do whatever it takes to remain true to your life's path in a positive Self-honoring way. As to your apartment hunting, John's suggestion of craigslist is awesome. YOU ARE AWESOME, remind yourSelf every day of that fact... there's no other you...

Now get out there and kick some voiceover ass!

Cheers mate,

Comment by John Taylor on September 28, 2008 at 4:38pm
Justin! SMAKCK! Snap Out of it! The doubts you are having are perfectly natural. Bob's right. Acting is the key. Wacky voices are a fun party trick, but fleshing out believable characters from thin air requires acting training and technique.....or incredible nautiral ability. Don't be so hard on yourself. All of us at one point or another have felt like a fraud. Don't let the realization that this process will require a lot of self examination and HARD WORK stop you. For a roomate siruation the best resource is like the one pasted below.....NOW Snap Out of it! :-) -JT

$600 600$ apartment share for rent across the street from Warner Bros. (Burbank) (map)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-09-22, 2:31PM PDT

Hi I am a straight male in his late twenties looking for a new roommate in my two bedroom apartment in a desirable location on the Burbank-Toluca Lake border. The apartment is within walking distace of Universal, NBC and Disney and directly across the street from WB. The apartment is 600 a month plus a 600 security deposit. The utilities come to roughly 110 a month a piece including cable, internet, heat and electric. There is street parking but that is never a problem it's a extremely safe neighborhood. There is a laundry room on the property. As for me I am looking for a roommate in there twenties that will clean up after themselves in all common areas (you can do whatever you want in your own room). Also someone who will contribute to all that is needed for the apartment, tp, cleaning supplies, etc. Don't bother responding to this ad if your out of town and want me to hold the place. I need someone in by Oct. 1st and both I and my landlord want to meet my future roommate and his future tenant prior to moving in.

toluca lake ave at rose google map yahoo map
Location: Burbank
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