All I can think of is thank god...

1-That I backup everything, every session, work and freelance.
2-That I was smart enough to get Insurance
3-That I lost so little compaired to those in Texas, New Orleans, and other places.

Long story short, I lost almost my entire home studio. Just as they are almost finished rebuilding my smaller station studio.

Going through everything... and praying I have enough coverage.
Good thing my laptop and backup drives (in my laptop case) didn't make it down to my studio last weekend or I would be worse off...

Once I get things cleaned up expect a video podcast on the importance of backing up everything... and how to do it on the cheap!

Ok... now that I've tried to stay positive... I not only lost my rack gear and hardware, but I lost all pics (pre digital photo world), Tons of CDs and DVDs... and lots of my sons stuff... And I get to deal with constuction at work, and destruction at home....


(ok, time to start to surf Ebay now for afordable replacements)

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