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Are you taking acting classes to become a better Voice Actor? | VOTE FOR KERA O'BRYON

Are you taking acting classes to become a better Voice Actor?

In a great voice over talent you will find a true actor. I have bounced around many acting classes, never to stay, and finally I have decided to take it seriously. In the past 3 months I've had a few call backs, and just recently I was cast as lead role to play a ( TV spokesperson) Police Officer in a 1-800-411-PAIN commercial, but my upcoming trip to… Continue

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Network VO... this is not a "Game." by Zurek

(This applies to all the voiceover categories, I chose to speak on what I personally know... Promo, but the rule is the same.)

Recently I was apart a panel at VOICE 2010 called, "Diversity in Voiceover," moderated by Big Llou and in that… Continue

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Could this replace ISDN?

Who will kill the dinosaur, ISDN? (No offense to the voice of Barney, Dean Wendt :) This has been a huge debate since the arrival of Source Connect, Audio TX, Audio Compass and others, but the big ole monster is still there, and not going out without a fight!

I am subscribed to many blogs, and "The Ramblings of Some Audio Guy's"…

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How To Take Care Of Your Vocal Cords


Step 1: Drink water

Drink lots of water. Singers need more water than the average person in order to keep the vocal cords and the mucous membranes surrounding them moist. Aim for eight to 10 glasses every day.

Always drink water at room temperature; cold water can damage vocal cords.

Step 2: Warm up

Warm up your vocal cords… Continue

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VoiceOverXtra's John Florian Receives VOICE 2010 Community Service Award

June 7, 2010

See All VOICE 2010 News

By John Florian


This is awkward - writing, for a change, about me. So I'll start with the news more

Having been the recipient of the VOICE 2008 Community award,

it was with great pleasure presenting this to John.…


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Justice for June Foray

June Foray is the first lady of animated cartoons and characters. From Rocky and Bullwinkle, to Looney Tunes' Granny, to Chatty Cathy, and even Little Ricky's dog bark on the classic I Love Lucy, June is a national treasure!

June starred as Jokey Smurf on the original animated series The Smurfs. A Smurfs animated feature is in production, and June was never even approached to participate in the film.

Although Paul Reubens has already been cast as Jokey in the feature, June… Continue

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Morgan Freeman is new voice of ‘CBS News’

Source:CBS News

(AP) Nearly six months after his death, Walter Cronkite's voice is leaving the "CBS Evening News."

The CBS News legend recorded a voiceover introducing current anchor Katie Couric when she started on the job in 2006. CBS kept Cronkite's voice on the broadcast even after he died in… Continue

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Condolences to Rene & Pat Fraley on the loss of their eldest son," Pappy."

Being a father myself, and having to see my children pass on before me is unfathomable. It hurts our hearts to hear what Pat is going through. Our deepest condolences go out to you, Pat and your family. GOD bless you.

Pat Fraley is widely known as an awesome talent, great coach, servant of others and overall unselfish person. Sometimes life can be so unfair to people… Continue

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Social Media: The Need for 'Give & Take'

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The mixer was a hit!

It's often said "Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them," and tonight at the mixer were a room full of champion vo talent, and many traveling from afar to rub shoulders with some of the best of the best.

When I first walked in I was greeted by

co-founder, Stephanie Ciccarelli.

dsci0025-scaled (Pictured L-R)… Continue

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The Industry loses TJ Roberts

As if the recent passing of Connie Zimet & Brian James in the same week weren't enough to have the creative minds spinning, Kelly Kelly Kelly has worked with the best of best.

I just received this from her ...

TJ Roberts passed away this morning.

i'm so numb.

2 friends in 2 weeks.

i don't know what to make of it all.



TJ Robert's became part of the Voiceover Universe family in it's infancy stages May 19,… Continue

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The jack of all trades, but master of none.

In my endless search in all that is VoiceOver, I've found myself thinking about the things I "think" about, but not putting into action.

As a voice talent, I know in my heart of all hearts I'd love to do movie trailers, narrate, commercials, audio books, IVR, ADR, telephony, and radio/tv imaging (all day) full-time, but is that real?? I think not.

Here's where it gets tricky, how can one person do all things and be the master at them? IMpossible. If you give 10% to… Continue

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Voiceover Expo 2009 was a hit!

March 14, 2009 (Plantation, FL.) - My first thought when I saw the ad for Voiceover Expo 2009 on Craigslist was, "Oh Boy! This is probably just another person trying to cash in, but quickly after the smoke in my head cleared I said, "You find diamonds in the unlikeliest places."

Keith Alan & Voiceover Expo… Continue

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When I first heard Ladie Mo$t on the radio voicing a night club spot I said, "Who in the world is that," and I say this in a good way. Now-a-days some people just don't hit home runs when selling a product, but… Continue

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Do it because it's the right thing to do

As I sit in my tiny vocal booth on my black leather chair, with a bottle of room temperature water. In between reading script I have a lot of time to reflect... to think... to reflect and think again. I often think about how lucky I really am to work from home, and most importantly be right in the same home when my children need me...I'm a father, a friend and voice actor.

My road to voiceover success wasn't easy, I started as a young father (20 yrs old) and radio personality in the… Continue

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