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I’m no success guru.

Not a clue about 7 steps to great wealth, or whatever.

The closest I’ve ever come to closing a sale involved the words, “Please bring your purchases to the register.”

But I have learned a thing or two about connecting with clients and walking through open doors of opportunity. To be honest, it’s no secret. Or at least it shouldn’t be. So, I share these five simple personal discoveries with you.

1. My job is to meet my client’s…


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One of my good friends who runs a studio where I get to offer up my voice over craft, finished up a job that I had voiced.  He leaned back in his chair and said, “Dang, I’m good!”


I laughed and said, “Hey, that was my awesome voice over!”


The ad rep was there and he chimed in, “What?  That was my incredible writing!”


The client, who also happened to be there, laughed out loud, “It’s a good thing I’ve got such a great product to make you guys…


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A few weeks ago I was asked to speak at a VO get together on the East coast. The subject I was given was, “How To Take Your Voice Business To The Next Level.” We couldn’t make the schedule work out, but on a plane flight I put down some thoughts that I would want to share if the opportunity had worked out.

So, here you are, for whatever they’re worth: Five butt-kickers to get you going.

1. Quit focusing on the words.

Start focusing on the listener/viewer. What is it…


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There’s been a lot of discussion over the past couple of years about how clients want more “conversational” reads and delivery.  As voice talents, we are constantly asked to do something “conversational” like Dennis Haysbert, or Denis Leary, or Morgan Freeman; or the one I get all the time, Sam Elliot (How come women are never asked to sound like some female celebrity?).

Well, what do clients really mean when they ask for conversational? 

I’ve started asking new clients to give…


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I had one of the oddest voiceover experiences ever earlier this week.

One of the sheer pleasures of my work as a voice talent is that I get to work with some of the most creative people in the world. I rub headphones with the most awesome clients, the most creative writers, the most inspiring voices, and the most amazing engineers in the world (how’s that for the most grammar abuse?).

It’s an unbelievable gift. I treasure it more than I could ever express. But earlier this week…


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This was one of those wonderful weeks where I could hardly catch my breath.  Ten and twelve hour days.  I’m not bragging or complaining.  Believe me, I have plenty of days that I’m lucky to get 4 or 5 hours worth of work.  As a full-timer, those are the brutal days, not the long ones!


I mention that because when things get busy and stressful, it’s easy to blow off the small jobs as not being that important. 


Today I got a wonderful little note from one of my…


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You Know You're A Voice Talent When:

You know you're a voice talent when:

1. You have a chronic case of headphone hair.

2. You catch yourself repeating lines you hear in commercials.

3. You believe mouth ticks can kill you.

4. A one take is like a hole in one.

5. You know what it means to rock the mic.

6. You've done a few takes and then realized you weren't recording.

7. You hate P words.…


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VO Professionalism



It’s something every one of my clients expects.  But what does it mean?


This is a new age in the voiceover industry. 


It used to be that some “talents” could just record a voice job and whatever they thought was acceptable was.  After all, the talent was the “professional.”  But times have changed.


Today, a voice talent is not a star.  Not even close.  Even though numerous celebrity voices are used for voice…


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From my blog at www.DanHurst.com:

“I hate to ask this,” she said, “because we still want to continue using you for most of our projects, but for this one we’d like to use a different voice.  Is there anyone you could recommend to us?”

I chuckled.  I was not in the least bit offended or bothered by her question.  In fact, I was honored.

Imagine that!  A client trusted me enough to ask for my recommendation.  What a pat on the…


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I had an odd phone conversation this week.

I was in the studio getting some production work done when the phone rang and at the other end of the line was a gentleman wondering if I would take a look at his voiceover project and let him know how much I would charge for it.  I thanked him for his call and asked him to email the copy to me, which he did.

After I looked over the copy, I sent him an email and told him what my fee would be.  Within ten minutes he called, obviously…


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From my blog at www.DanHurst.com

Dear New Client:

WELCOME! What a pleasure to work with you! I love new clients! I’m going to do everything I can to make you happy and glad you hired me as a voice talent! The success of your project is extremely important to me, so you can count on my attention and commitment to do my part.

Now, let’s lay down some ground rules so we’ll get along famously and you’ll get exactly what you’re… Continue

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Wow! What a small world!

If someone had told me twenty years ago that I’d be working with companies all over the world, providing voice talent for their various media needs, I would’ve rolled my eyes and thought they were nuts.

But here it is 2010, and that’s exactly what is happening! Who knew that a guy in Kansas City could provide voiceovers for companies all over the world?

What an amazing small community this has become due to the internet and other… Continue

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I love this voiceover business!

One of the main reasons I love it is because of the people in it!

I don’t mind telling you that most of the voice talents I know and work with are the best people in the world. They are great at what they do; they respect each other; and they have a remarkable passion to see each other succeed.

Why? Well, maybe it’s because the voiceover business is not yet recognized as a critical part of the marketing world. The creative writers… Continue

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