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Video Film Tips from Bettye Zoller Seitz

Naturalness. Believable. Can't know you're reading! And read must time to visuals. This skill is invaluable. Be sure you know how. It's the most popular field in voice work today! Training films, TV shows, everything uses narrators and you've got to be able to do this. Tips: Read scripts into IPHONE or some device you can play back. And vary your times. Faster, slower, and…


Added by Bettye Zoller on February 10, 2018 at 4:48pm — No Comments Dallas University Park Voice Over Group Meets May 12 Famous Guests!

Legend voice actors sJohn William Galt and Ken Eaken are my guests at my Dallas University Park Meetup Group night of May 12. Click link above to see all details and please share this with others in Dallas area. Gonna be great.University Park Dallas Voiceover Group

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Your Voice Over Demos in 2011: It's a Brand New Game

Many years ago, we voice over talents had one demo, on a cassette (!) and before that on a REEL (reel to reel audio machines were all we had...cassettes hadn't come in yet...). No, I didn't have a Thomas Edison wire recorder. PULLLEESE I'm not THAT old! (lol) But today, needs are very different. Here's what agents and producers say they want:

Your first two demos should be separate tracks on one CD (you also should duplicate them as separate CDS for those who do not want to hear…


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what working voice actors say: \report from my seminar panel

What is the most important consideration for a vo talent just starting out? Self confidence was the answer given by panel members at my seminar this weekend in oklahoma city. Believing in yourself, knowing that this new venture will succeed and grow is most vital element in starting anything new.

Why do new vo talents expect instant success and money? It\s unrealistic, panel members agreed. This is a new start-up business. It is no different from any other business when new. The… Continue

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Thoughts on How To Best Get Narration Jobs: It Works for Me!

The voice over category I've always been most fond of is narration...narration of all kinds (although some are very boring but pay well). But whether the script is exciting or not, whether the client is a pal or a grouch, I will still say I love narrating things best of all..videos, films, documentaries, travel, cable channel projects, charity promos, city and corporate promos or training, fashion, music, educational projects for all ages, and medical.

Another thing I like about… Continue

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Kim Dawson passed away in Dallas and I loved her and so does God. The tale of a pioneer.

Kim Dawson, legendary agent, died today. She was 85 years old and a victim of Alzheimers. She was a top model in NYC for many years and then a top agent nationwide based in Dallas. A pioneer. She had the eye for fashion models and knew actors and voice actors. She booked children and animals and every type of act imaginable in her career. She had a wonderful staff and family who supported her always. She was the patron of so many charities and causes. She… Continue

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Thoughts on my birthday...Memories of MGM...More than 50 years (so far) as a showbiz kid.....

It's a gray, freezing cold day, just like the day I was born, I'm told. I've been a performer more than fifty years now. Started at age five at MGM studios in Hollywood. That was my mother's doing but I thank her for it, although I did not have a "normal" childhood (whatever that is...) she started me on the path that became my life as an actor and singer. Oh yes...I also danced, responsible for my one bad knee but I'm ok with it so far...and was a child and teen model with income sufficient to… Continue

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What Are Publishers Seeking in Voice Talents (When Hiring Non-Celebs)

In answer to many who have written me or joined in the discussions on my group here on VU, Audiobooks & Narration: Paying Jobs, let me discuss briefly what publishers are seeking in voice talents when they hire us anonymous folks and not "known name actors." Well, first, this tells us they want to save money. Celebs cost big bucks! But also, it tells us this is a job they need a certain type of "read" on. They hear that in our demo. That's why your demo must show wide variety in the types… Continue

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Why did the client on 123 HATE me? See...I get rejected too!!

Just for those of you who thought Bettye was perfect, marvelous, great, well thunk again cowboys and girls. Of course, like all of us, I win some and lose some, but yesterday on V123, I auditioned for a job and the voice seeker HATED me. He ranked me 55 out of 55 auditions! OK dude, go for it. But here's the thing...the audition said "union or non-union" so I informed the guy I was indeed a union talent, quoted an approx fee, and added that one of my agents would do the paperwork on it if he so… Continue

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Most Small Businesses Fail Because They Give Up Too Soon (From an SBA study!)

Most small businesses fail because they give up too soon, found a study by the American Small Business Assoc. But I'll add to that finding and I am writing an article about this subject too. I'll let you know where it ends up being published online when it's finished. As a voice coach and longtime voiceover pro (studio singer too) who has been through hard times and good, who started out in this nutty business with a four month old baby and no husband, no money, no job, who moved to a new city… Continue

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Stay away from the downer nay sayer doomsday talkers. Take it from me a longtime voiceover pro.

Stay away from the doomsday newscasts talking of gloom and no money and bankruptcies and out of work people. I have stopped listening to most of the network newscasts about business concerns. While we know this exists (always in every country in every year) and car dealers need to sell more cars and clothing stores are giving deep discounts, our business is advertising. We do well in hard times. Corporations need us for training. We are doing public service announcements. We are a part of the… Continue

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Bettye Zoller's New Audio Book Narration Demo

ZollerBookread[1]shorter.mp3This is my brand new Audio Book Demo. The full demo is some ten minutes long keeping with my publisher's directions (Simon and Schuster) and other audio publishing houses input to me and input from audio producersin this field who all tell me they like to see if the voice actor can "sustain the reads" and they want to hear a wide variety of selections and longer length… Continue

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