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Are You Teachable?

The key to finding voice over jobs lies in how well you market yourself! The key to landing voice over jobs is your level of preparation and execution. The key to preparation and execution lies in teachability. Outstanding actors and actresses are outstanding because they listen to the director! Even coaches get coaching. I do!

Teachability determines success, especially in the voice over business. Successful voice over… Continue

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If You Lift Weights, You Need to Read This Blog

Ever think about how weight lifting might affect your voice? If you haven't thought about the connection, I would like to suggest that you read WEIGHTS AND MEASURES in the September 15th posting of Joanna Cazden's blog called "Voice of Your Life".
Here is the link to her blog.

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Make your mark.

The legacy of the late Don La Fontain Left an indelible mark on the industry! He was truly a talent, and a trail blazer who dared to embark on untraveled roads that led to over whelming success. Many want to be like him, and I think that’s an amazing tribute to the man behind the mic.

It turns out Don was loved outside of his profession for being a good soul. His generosity and hospitality should be a lesson to all of us who call ourselves VO talent.

Perhaps Don’s legacy… Continue

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CHECK MY OFFICIAL WEB SITE: Photos, Dance/Choreography Reel, TV Interviews, Radio Exclusives, Fitness Workshops, etc.


Photos, Dance/Choreography Reel, TV Interviews, Radio Exclusives, Fitness Workshops, etc. Continue

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New Babe on the way tomorrow.

Our 2nd child Fisher is being delivered tomorrow. We are truly blessed. Keep us in your thoughts.

I'm so excited.

Added by Ben Blankenship on September 14, 2009 at 9:13pm — 1 Comment

Dare to be different!

We live in a world that is so cookie cutter and pc correct where being an individual seems wrong? Yes there’s the main stream persona’s and does & don’ts… but being true to yourself and what makes you different then all the others is what will set you apart.

I see it when a phoney” persona is being played out, it’s really sad, because that’s what they have been taught or now believe to be their ticket to being successful. I say dare to be different, be you, and be happy….This… Continue

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Practice makes perfect

It’s funny looking back at how natural it was for me to grab stuff out of magazines and just start reading it the way I thought it should sound! The repetition and hearing myself over and over, and over again gave me a terrific education, and most of the copy in magazines is actual ad campaign material

I Live in Tampa Florida, and have sat on the side lines to watch The Buccaneers practice. The one thing that really sticks out for me, is the repetition of the same moves being… Continue

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Leading a horse to the water

Right now, as you're reading these words, there are people in nice suits in nice offices, who are trying to work out how they can best seduce us. They have identified a need. They have come up with a product. Now it's time to take that product to market. The time has come to manipulate the masses...

I once read that, worldwide, more money is spent on advertising than on education. It's all a matter of priorities I guess... If the world wants 300 kinds of breakfast cereal, that's what… Continue

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New Blog: "The Wealthy Bohemian"

I've started a blog about success, prosperity and happiness — The Wealthy Bohemian.

Here's a sampling from the first post:

"Most of the trappings typically associated with 'wealth' leave me cold. Keep your tacky art, forget the the gaudy furniture. Give me instead the freedom to move about as I please, and an abundance of time to be able to do what… Continue

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Super VO

It’s a bird it’s a…. VO! So you are lucky enough to have made it to the world of Voice-over, a melting pot of personality’s and stories that will entertain you! It can be a mad house on some days at studio 1A at my headquarters in Tampa...But good kind of crazy if you know what I mean. Phones ringing off the hook, the client needs to redo, X 5 or 6 changes. Man you got to love it! Its action and you roll with it until the job is finished.

(Yes on some days I feel like super VO) But I… Continue

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Not just another voice

A friend in the voice business, Bob Bergen said to me recently that the industry doesn’t need another voice, it needs you. Who are you? What makes you uniquely you? There are plenty of sound alkies and such out there! His point to me was to be true to myself and allow my personality to shine through. Voice-coaches can help you identify market niches that fit your voice structure and personality. How far one stretches to become master at many types of reads is up to the… Continue

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Choosing an Agent

I have been blessed with the opportunity to choose which agency to go with, and I am now in the process of deciding... it is tough but I hope all shall be good.

I have SAA, VOX, CESD, and WME prodding me to sign... time to decide.

Added by Piotr Michael on September 9, 2009 at 8:01pm — 4 Comments

Click here to listen to my "Wedlock or Deadlock" promos, now on FOX!

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I'll be returning as the live announcer for the 2009 ALMA awards on ABC!

Eva Longoria-Parker and George Lopez host!
Tune in Friday, September 18th, on ABC

Added by Sylvia Villagran on September 9, 2009 at 2:44pm — 1 Comment

The big gig

Voice-over people love the big jobs, exposure is great and the payout is nice. I’m reminded how many seemingly small jobs I did until the big break, and couldn’t believe it happened.

That was well over 15 years ago for me. Now I live in Florida and have made sacrifices to stay here for my family, meaning I do smaller jobs regionally & nationally that some bigger guys would most likely pass on by. The good news you don’t always have to live in the bigger cities to land gigs with… Continue

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Radio - O Começo.

Tudo começou em 1863 quando, em Cambridge - Inglaterra, James Clerck Maxwell demonstrou teoricamente a provável existência das ondas eletromagnéticas. James era professor de física experimental e apartir desta revelação outros pesquisadores se interessaram pelo assunto. O alemão Henrich Rudolph Hertz (1857-1894) foi um deles.

O princípio da propagação radiofônica veio mesmo em 1887, através de Hertz. Ele fez saltar faíscas através do ar…

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Money Scam Now Targeting Voice Talent

I received this from voice talent Lance DeBock on and thought I'd pass it along.

Money Scam Now Targeting Voice Talent

This scam has been around for awhile now, but has just recently been applied to voice talent and the talent sites they are listed on.

Here’s the scam. The voiceover talent is contacted via email for a project (scammer claims to have found you thru an online voiceover talent service). Script is sent to you for a price quote. Once quote is… Continue

Added by Diane Merritt on September 7, 2009 at 4:07pm — 6 Comments

New Blog Series...

Very soon I'll be using my blog to help others with studio tips and such. I invite everyone to bookmark it and check back over the next month or so. We have a baby due next week, so I'll be out for a bit then I'll start the new postings.

Here the site...Bookmark it...make comments...share...

You should also consider starting a google blog yourself, as well as ALWAYS… Continue

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It’s the economy

There’s no doubt things are tough all over! I hear everyday how a business closes, and how a new business opens its doors. We can get so focused on how many things are wrong, and how things are not working, that we have totally lost our focus in business, because we allowed the circumstance to overshadow our destiny. I believe in purpose, chance, positive thinking, and being the best at what I do.

Let me suggest you do the same wherever you are, and whoever you may be. Your attitude… Continue

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Voiceover Artist as Verbal Gymnast

As a voiceover artist, the ability to speak clearly, to enunciate (ee-NONE-see-ate) is key to getting the job done. Aside from the obvious time efficiency and saving the client money on studio hours, verbal skill is critical for this profession.

Speak clearly while speaking quickly. Spot got ten seconds of copy for a five second disclaimer? Sure, the engineer can edit out the breaths, but you’ve got to do the bulk of the work, zipping through that script while making sure that every… Continue

Added by Cindy Clifford on September 5, 2009 at 10:19am — 1 Comment

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