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So, Scott. Should I do voiceover?

Most of the time when I get asked "So, Scott. Should I do voiceover?" I jump to the quick answer of, well, uh, NO. Only because if someone is asking "should I?" it indicates that they're not falling asleep and waking up with dreams of how they can do voiceover; how they will do voiceover.

Look, I don't have a voice that rumbles theatre seat or makes a traditional radio Program Director exclaim, "This is my image voice." I'm a real guy with a real sound and… Continue

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I am very sad about the loss of Don LaFontaine. I was just starting to get to know him right here on VOU. I had been e-mailing with him because he had agreed to come on "Voiceovers on Demand" to be our next guest. We were throwing some dates around and then he got sick. I still have a hole in my stomach thinking about it. Trish and I were very excited and now we won't get the chance. :( My last communication with Don was him sending me an e-mail after hearing my rap about VOU, which mentions… Continue

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Upcoming Workshops

Hello - I would like to invite everyone to join us at Nakamoto Productions - Sacramento, CA - for some exciting workshops.
September 20 is our introductory class. Great for wannabies or newbies. Basic intro to the VO world and mic time.
September 28, My good friend Cammie Winston will talk Branding and Marketing. Always fun and informative.
Check out or call me directly. My info at

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At Last!

OK, a little stream of blogging, this is what's going on.

Finally shook that crud out of my throat! Booked a local spot for a swimming pool company. Got my motorcycle running, and have been tooling about town on it. $400 at a garage sale, and 52 miles per gallon. Got my Aphex 230, I sound pretty ok with the 103 and a little grease thrown in!

As they say in the McDonalds' spots, "I'm lovin' it!"

Lobster season opens Sept. 27th, how many Los Angelenos want a couple?… Continue

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Dear Don,

When I first learned Don LaFontaine landed the role of patient last week, it was crushing news. Here was a guy many of us viewed as untouchable, invincible. He was a Super Hero to anyone who ever strapped on headphones and faced a mic. The kind of guy that when you finally learned his name, you felt like you were in on a great big secret so many others wanted to know.

I started out as a Copywriter, soaking up every voice my ears could handle and dreaming of someday writing something… Continue

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hi :)

Hi everyone! Well this is my first blog on here...I never knew a website like this existed! This is awesome for me...My friend Bill Jurney who is also on this website told me about v.o. universe. what an awesome page! anyways, right now, im in training for voice overs. My main focus is voiceovers for animation, I want to take some classes on how to do those kinds of voices, I want to be really good! I have heard some other people's demos and they are really good, it makes me wonder if I am good… Continue

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