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Greetings! From the Founder of VoiceOver Universe, Zurek.

VO demos

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    University of Oregon
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    University of Tennessee
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    Radio Imaging

Profile Information

Voice Actor
I am the founder of Voiceover Universe

The voice of BET and Top Rank Boxing.

Has voiced for ABC, FOX, CBS, Cartoon Networks, ID - Investigation Discovery, Sports Illustrated, HBO PPV Boxing, MUN2, Coca Cola, Outdoor Channel, Chevrolet (GM), DirecTV "The WIRE," American Airlines, Honda, Pine-Sol, Pizza Hut, Acura, SuperPretzel and many others.
authoritative, conservative, cool, urban, smooth, deep, serious, and hip.
DIALECTS, Character voices and vocal impressions
Denzel Washington, James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, President Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Joe Pesci, Bill Cosby, Mike Tyson, Chris Rock, Vin Diesal, Old man, Geoffrey holder, Mike Rowe, liev schreiber, Peter Thomas, Ernie Anderson, Elderly, Grandpa, American, English, Latin, Middle Eastern,Cleveland Brown, Rallo, the cleveland show, cleveland jr, German, British, Irish, Middle Age, Senior,Young, Italian, Jewish, African American, African, Jamaican, Black, Urban, New Yorker, Midwestern, Southern, Carribean, haitian,creole, West Indian, Deep, sexy, narrator, smooth, authoritative , real.
Senior Male, Middle Age Male, Young Adult Male, Teenage Boy, Teenage Girl, Child Male, Voice Actor
Union Affiliation
ISDN, Source Connect, Audio TX, FTP, AIF, MP3, WAV
MacBook Pro, Sennheiser 416, MicPort Pro, Symetrix 528e, Adobe Audition Labs (Mac beta) and Twisted Wave.

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At 10:08pm on May 13, 2014, Leisa Jo Waller said…

Hi Zurek,

I received your email about VOICE 2014. When I clicked link it message said Event Canceled. Can you please let me know what's what?

Thank you so very much!

Please feel free to contact me any of these options


(310) 415-8728

At 10:23am on May 20, 2012, Tamara Henry said…
At 12:05pm on April 25, 2012, Rebecca Michaels said…

Hi Zurek - Would you check out my fresh interview show?  I'd like to see if we can get this promoted here... Let me know what you think about that possibility.... Thanks!  Today's weekly release: Voiceover Guru & Emmy winner Stevie Vallance interviewed here... 13 min of gold! This is only part one of a great mini-series with Stevie... More gold to come!!

At 9:10pm on March 18, 2012, Stephanie Harris said…

Hello Zurek,

I am thrilled to have been introduced to VU recently and wanted to leave you my demo.

All the best!


Stephanie Harris VO Demo

At 6:28pm on March 17, 2012, Irene M. Burnett said…

Just listened to the "boxing promo".  Too cute!  That kids got a future!


At 2:27am on January 26, 2012, VO Buzz Weekly said…

Hey Zurek, Just wanted to thank you again for featuring VO Buzz Weekly on your VU. We really appreciate your support and everyone is really digging on the show. If there's anything we can do for you just say the word! Thanks again buddy!

~Chuck Duran

At 8:31pm on January 23, 2012, Penny Abshire said…

I was just going through some of the photos for VOICE 2010 (to use for promo for VOICE 2012) and found this one.

It has to be one of my very favorites!

Hope to see you at VOICE 2012. You will always be a VIP at our events!



At 12:29pm on December 19, 2011, Enda Caldwell said…

Hey Zurek! Greetings for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from right here in KL, Malaysia.. where I'm spending Xmas and New Year...! Just sitting back with a cold beer enjoying your excellent station sound on CI Channel here..! It's been too long brother will email you real soon... Thanks- Enda :-)

At 9:05am on October 10, 2011, Schias Carmon-Brown said…
Thank you, Zurek!
At 8:35am on October 9, 2011, Stefan Ashton Frank said…


I was wondering in your infinite wisdom and encyclopedic knowledge of all things Joe Cipriano, Do you know where that pop filter on his Sennheiser 416 came from? I've been looking but all I can find is 6"+ filters. A small one would be handy. Any ideas would be welcome



At 12:38pm on August 22, 2011, Pamela R Sorensen ~ said…
I was strongly referred to join VU directly from Randy Thomas. I am so grateful I did. I really enjoy listening, researching, and finding the "best of the best" in VO. I am more than anxious to become successful. I have finally found my place to become the person I have always had the potential to become. With the help, patience and direction from associating with the "best of the best" I always say; " I fully respect "A Captain of the Ship" like yourself, who arrived there the old fashioned simply earning it." I am looking now for all the help I can get...and I realize a lot of work is ahead. But, I'm willing and it is harder to not let my anxious excitement get ahead of me. Thank you for making this available. I hope to make many friends...My story is yet to be printed, just got to find the time.
At 12:35pm on July 13, 2011, Michael Nevarez said…

Hello Zurek, I thoroughly enjoy your skill and passion for v/o. I was wondering how to sign up for the probono work needed by Yusef for the Horn of Africa project. Have a peaceful and productive week.


Michael Nevarez

At 1:14pm on June 20, 2011, Ronni Moorehead Sr. said…

Watching you live at B106.3 while you voice spots for BET! Wow!!!! You are a master at multitasking! Great work in both fields...Kudos brother!



At 8:17pm on June 8, 2011, Maurice King said…

Hey Z,


Take a quick listen to the new demo when you get the chance.  Thanks.



At 11:48am on May 5, 2011, David Seys said…
Hello Zurek,

Just a note to thank you so much for the note you sent out about the McDonalds ad. You are a star man and I am in awe at what you have done for the VO community with founding this site.

I must tell you, that I still consider myself to be a complete fraud and shake my head in disbelief at the amount of work that pours into my computer every day! I used to be a Financial Director of some small media companies but which included one of the biggest VO studios in London which I financed. 5 years ago I sold up and wondered what to do in life.

I decided to have a go at voice overs as I had produced voices and singers for a long time. It was a wing and a prayer. No training, no coaching, a modicum of computer knowledge to get me recording - and it took off like a rocket. I have considered having some coaching, but decided against it as I don't want to mess with what people like. And that is why I am a fraud....I don't know what the heck I am doing and get totally stunned when a message goes out about something I have done from, for example, a real pro like you.

I know you are successful Zurek. May it long continue for you. Here's to the future.
At 8:03pm on April 21, 2011, Christopher E. Dillard said…

Zurek is THE Best in the Voiceover industry!!!  Happy Birthday and God bless!

At 5:54pm on April 21, 2011, L.A. Lanier said…

Happy Birthday 'Z' (*aka: "Image Superspy'*), someone had to remember!


At 2:19pm on April 12, 2011, Jerry McClellan said…

Zurek, really appreciate VU--great connect for the vo community!

Question: What does a client or guest see when he/she pulls up a talent's page?



At 8:54am on March 25, 2011, Donald James said…

Zurek, Hey man, thanks for your support!

Donald James

At 9:03pm on March 14, 2011, Lowell Deo said…
Oh, wanted to site the source of that previous report as CNBC.

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