Our latest VU Hot Pick is pretty exciting!  The VO Recording Sign from Harlan Hogan & Voice Over Essentials!


This sign is amazing and it's really cool because it's for Voiceover!  A MUST for your home studio or even a great conversation piece in your home!

This brilliantly lit red beacon tells everybody, "Hey! I’m actually working in here and a few moments of relative quiet would be appreciated!"  It's a 9” x 12’ custom-made and totally unique sign is crafted from break-resistant 3/8ths inch thick acrylic plastic, carved using single and new three-dimensional line engraving. It’s edge lit by an inexpensive and easily replaceable 6 watt cool white fluorescent bulb with an average rated life of 5,000 hours. That means you can just leave the sign on 24/7 turning your home studio into an oasis of silence.

Plug it in and hang it up on a doorknob, or wall hook using the included chain. We’re betting you’ll see this sign everywhere even if there isn’t a session going on!We simply plugged our sign into the power strip that controls all the gear in our studio, so whenever I go to work the light glows - begging attention and Q-U-I-E-T! If you prefer a switch, then an easily installed "feed through switch" is available at any local hardware store.

If you record in the basement or other remote area of your house a wireless remote switch is just the ticket. These work up to 50 feet and are available here on or at Radio Shack and Home Depot.

You plug the sign in into a small connector and plug that into any wall outlet - then take the battery-operated switch to your recording area. Flip the switch and the sign lights up…truly plug and play!


CHECK IT OUT Voice Over Recording Sign at Voice Over Essentials!

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