Hey VO Babes,

It's been a little while since I've been here. Tell me about yourself! Why did you get into this business? What else do you do? Kids? Pets/husbands/partners? Add an interesting tidbit about yourself!

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Hello, Kathleen, et al!

I am reinventing my life after a series of huge emotional losses, hopefully proceeding with my bag of tricks down the road toward a bright future. But, I am not exactly leaving behind my 7 kids, 20 grandkids, or nearly nine (What time is it?! She's due any minute...) great grandkids! Just giving them space...

I had taught for 35 years--everything from preschool to prison; spent 10 as a health educator where I had a 1/2 hr weeklyradio talk show and did PSAs about assorted health issues for about 5 yrs in a rural market. Taught on the Navajo rez 10 yrs, lived and worked on the White Mountain Apache rez for 20. Did a lot of workshops about water in the west for teachers and community groups. Wrote, illustrated and published a couple of books and have a couple of new ones in the works. Also do visual arts.

Part of my process in returning to life among the living was to haul myself off to the local community college and sign up for classes. Disappointed that the Readers'Theater class enrollment was closed, I opted for an intro to voice acting class. Had a good time, liked the portability and variety it presented, and said to myself "This could do...it 's too much fun to be called a "job". I also liked the notion that a computer could connect me to work at any time from just about any where. So I took myself to an intensive weekend, ending with narrative and commercial demo samplers, and started putting together my home studio on my return.

Interrupted by a computer crash, I refused to quit, so hied myself off to VOICE2008, where I met absolutely the most encouraging group of people I have ever run across. Contacts there led me to a local voice coach who happens to be counted among the greats. I return to the Community College this semester for audio engineering course, and movement to enhance my performance. And I am still digesting the information I gathered at VOICE'08. If you missed 08, plan now to NOT miss VOICE2009.

Am currently volunteering with RFBD (check them out-maybe there is a studio near you and it's great experience and a great cause), and looking for some avenues to paying jobs in the Phoenix market.

So that's my story (so far) in a nutshell.
What's yours? I'm eager to meet you all, learn from you, and make some friends.

"when Martha Speaks.....people LISTEN"
Hey gals, just joined today. Did not know about this group until a friend told me on this board. My group here is "Bettye Zoller's Voiceover Information Central" and we have 84 members now. Hope you'll visit. My new question there is "What do you want from your agents?" and I'm going to use your questions with my panel of agents at my workshop this coming weekend so appreciate your adding to my question file! I will visit this board and explore more later but for now, hello to everyone and wishing you all success. Women are doing better in voice work today. Thirty years ago when I began, men got most of the jobs. That's still true in some areas but we're doing better (according to AFTRA SAG polls recently). Up up up.
Hi My name is Traci Wilde. I am really excited to be a part of this group -powerful women in a career that gives us a voice and endless possibilities of where that will take us. I have been in radio and done some television for the last twenty + yrs. Change has been pulling me towards this destinty for a long time and circumstances occured that made that dream come to fruition faster. Voila! Instant career move...new business learning curve :) Oh well, I have never been short on moxy, mettle, or ability so here goes nothing right? I bulit my studio, got myself incorporated, got a logo, website, biz cards, v123 acct, 2 agents (& counting) my demos together, a really good accountant, and an awesome mentor (Dick Ervesti!!) and most of all a very supportive husband. I have only been up and running for 3 months so now I need clients...but I know they will come. Thankfully I also have patience...alot of patience.
Lots of people have said I could do VO for cartoons and I currently in a job that is not me. I need to be creative and expressive. I have now been able to scratch the surrface in this industry and I am excited to work hard to be sucessful. I just joined VU and I love it! There is so much here to soak up.
I am a mother of none, a wife of one, and I blog about cooking and baking. :)
Thanks for creating this group!
Hello, lovely women!!

I'm a 20 something( for but a few years long:) living in Los Angeles and I'm absolutely delighted with Voiceoveruniverse thus far. What a great source of information and discussion! I'm pursuing a career in commercial voice over and have recently been branching out to try and develop my skills in the animation and audiobook department. I got started in college when a professor in our BFA department brought our class over to do some mock up commercials for local businesses, in an effort to expand our acting technique and show us what else was out there in terms of work! I fell in love with the booth and 3 of the 4 companies that I voice commercials for requested me again to voice more for them. I knew that all my young years of reading books aloud and recording on my fisherprice tape player had led me to this point! Well, in the over arcing picture, that is....:)

Additionally out here I teach dance, do a little bit of stunt work and sword fighting, improv a bit with Monkey Butler Comedy, work at a Mygym children's fitness center, regale my boyfriend (who works in production) with stories of said childrens center, and count my blessings to be a member of this wonderful industry with such talented and hard working people!


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