Hey ladies!

I tried posting this on the regular VU forum but only got one response (Thanks Caryn!). I understand that when it comes to equipment, the guys are the ones that typically get more passionate, but I'd really like some female feedback if you can just indulge me for a bit. Whenever I post something in the regular forum, only the guys reply and it winds up being a shootout between themselves as to who has the biggest...............mic. ;) My question rarely gets answered because they get so bent on being right among themselves......

Anyway, below is the post. I'm not asking for top secret info here. :)

Ok so.....I'm in the market for a new mic and possible preamp/processor. But whenever I post a tech-related question, I get all the guys answering! (no offense, guys :) As we all know, male and female voices differ greatly, and I would really like to hear what some of you ladies have equipment wise. I understand that even within our gender our voices vary quite a bit, but I think it would help narrow things down a little more for me.

Right now I have the workhorse.....the classic RE-20. I've done very well with this mic, but it's really for broadcast AND it's time in my career for an upgrade. The RE-20 goes into my 8-channel Behringer mixer, which in turn goes into my Dell laptop where i have Cool Edit (the old version of Adobe Audition) installed as my trusty software. As a mobile setup I still use the RE-20 mic, which goes into my M-Box mini and into the Dell laptop again, but because the M-box serves as the mixer/preamp and ONLY works with Pro Tools, I reluctantly use that for my recording software when I'm on the road.

So, if any females would care to share what they use on the following, I would appreciate it. If you have a mobile setup, please include that stuff too and let me know it's mobile.

-audio software
- MAC or PC?

If you're uneasy about divulging everything above, then just the mic and processor/preamp are the things that i'm most interested in.



Trish Basanyi

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Have you looked at the Aphex 230 voice processor? They rock! I'm in the market for a new mic and mixer for my field gear myself so can't help you there, but will share the info when I make a decision - Recording on soundtrack pro (because I have final cut) on a mac. thanks for starting the discussion - it will be fun to see what everyone thinks - anyway, try the guys at Aphex they are really terrific and you'll like their processors. All the best to you!
Hi Trish,
My studio/booth set up is similar to yours. I too have a Behringer 8 channel mixer that has input/output plugged into my Telos Zephyr, mic (Neumann TLM 193 and/or Rode NT1A) and M-Box running ProTools 7 all with my Toshiba Satellite PC laptop. A lot of the guys "dis" ProTools but I find it intuitive, and it works just fine for me. I purchased a copy of ProTools for Dummies, and tutored myself, plus I asked a lot of my friends who operate professional sound studios for some tips, too. Of course, I don't ever need or use the gazillion channels, but I have used up to 8. I sometimes travel with the MBOX, for trips of longer duration, but it is lugging additional stuff that's the hassle. The only reason I'd do that is for script updates where I need to voice match previously recorded stuff.

When on the road for shorter jaunts, I'll take my porta-booth and Samson USB C01U mic, and do 1 track recording for auditions or new jobs and record & edit in Goldwave.

As for the mic situation, I really like my Rode (sounds brighter and crisper), and in many cases better than the Neumann (warmer but flatter). I think you need to test out some mics with YOUR voice.

At VOICE 2008 you can also take advantage of "Talk Tech Terrace" and pick some brains there, too.
Hugs, Bobbin
Hey Bobbin...can I ask, what exactly is your "porta-booth"? Did you build it or buy it? I've been looking for something to take on the road (can't always rely on a good closet in hotel rooms anymore!)
Hey Trish,
I'm using a Neumann KMS 105 mic, I like the crispness and clarity. I also have a Sennheiser E935 mic, it gives a little more bottom end. For a compressor I have the DBX 166XL. Mixer, my tried and true Mackie 16 channel. Audio software Adobe Audition 3.0 and I have a Dell laptop, beauty is there's no fan noise and an external sound card, the M-Audio Fast Track Pro. My husband is a chief engineer at a 5 radio cluster, if you have any questions, let me know what you want in your final product and I will be happy to ask him...he's always up on the latest and greatest.

Robin Wolf
This is great b/c I'm looking into new mics, too. We have a local place that will let you take them to your studio and try them out for several days and as soon as I get on that, I'll let you know.

As for the rest, I love my Mackie. As an audio engineer I've had the chance to work on many boards and the Mackie does such a great job (plus the instruction manual is hilarious. just saying). And both Cool Edit and Adobe Audition are fantastic pieces of software. I also use Sony Sound Forge for doing batch conversions on a large number of files. The software really depends on what you're comfortable with. There have been times when I've wanted to switch to Pro Tools and know that I would like that, too, but for now it makes sense for me to stick with the things I know best in order to maximize my time.
I had the same problem when setting up my home studio....went through 4 different mics that all the guys said were "the best". Happily landed on the Rode NT1a, like Ms. Beam mentioned in her post. So my setup is: Rode NT1a mic, dbx286a (premap/processor), Mackie 1202-VLZ3 board, M-Audio Delta 44 breakout soundcard/box into ye 'ole desktop (nothing special there). I also use Cool Edit Pro (version 2-point-something). I just got my mobile set-up going this summer and use the same mic (tried a few new others, with no luck) with a Presonus TubePre amp, M-Audio Fast Track Pro (audio interface and pre-amps).

I've always wanted to try a Studio Porjects mic (I think it's a C1 or B1)...have read a few women on other boards like those. But the place where I get my mics (and they let me return them!) doesn't carry Studio Projects.

I found the whole picking out a mic thing just as baffling as picking out china patterns (with the same response from the sales people)...."it's just a matter of preference!" ;-)


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