I have been lucky enough to be on the other side of the toy business as a Producer and wanted to provide a place to talk about what makes toys a little bit different than other Voice Over.

Where I work, we have a few different categories we cast for.
Base Narrator: The narrator who is in every or toy in that line or platform. This is the person who says "You got/7/correct!" or "Time to change your batteries!" If a line of toys runs for 3 years this is the person who gets brought in everytime something is added.
Story Narrator: The narrator who reads the story on toys that feature individual stories or the narrator who is featured in game specific audio. A Disney Princesses toy usually has someone who sounds like the Fairy Godmother type.
Character Audio: This is the usual character audio stuff that everyone is used to. Most of the roles are here but they are usually 1 session with possibly 1 pickup session. If this is an already licensed character then usually the original talent is usually given "right of first refusal" depending on the license but in the case of most celebrities, they will go with sound alikes. For new, proprietary, stuff, new characters are created and cast.

Toys are a bit different because they are usually written in short sound bites and not long dialogue between characters.
EX: Brown, brown, I am brown!
Can you grrrr like my friend brown bear?

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Hi Chuck:

Am sending you my toy voice mp3 as soon as I can get an email address for the upload..
If you want to send it to:

that is my e-mail address.


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