V123 has a group rate, so I'm looking for people who want to join as a group for a discount.  Contact me if interested.

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I I would love to. I have a current subscription though, guess I have to wait until it's time to renew?

That sounds interesting. My renewal is set for July. What is the group rate?

The rate depends on the size of the group.  So far there are three, and the rate per person is $200.  But the others in the group want to do the renewal or join ASAP.  I have asked them to hold off until this Friday, but I don't think they'll wait until July.

I'm new to Voice123. What's the usual subscription rate?

Premium is $295.


So far our group has 3 members for sure, including me.  I have asked another person, who was the one who solicited me for the group but hasn't said he's ready to go, if he is ready to go now with the group as-is.


Anyone who has replied here, or who sees this, please let me know if you want to do it.  I will either talk to Steve at V123 (Friday), or find out from the other group member who seemed to be taking the lead, the details of joining.  Not sure if there's a link Steve will create.


But we need to know early Friday who is ready to go.

Please email me at frank@frankcvo.com if you want to join the group and group join v123 (or renew) on Friday.

V123, Steven Lowell, said if you renew early you do not lose time on your current subscription.  Please contact me if you want to join our group.



832 814 4060


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