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 Here’s to the little guy!


And by little, I mean the small business owners that are busting their hump to keep the lights on and the bank happy.


I LOVE working for you guys!  I love your passion.  I love your focus.  I love your creativity. I love that you’ll do what you have to do to get the job done. You’re an inspiration!


Many years ago when I started in this voice-over business (“voice-over”; that’s how the dictionary now spells it), I found myself working for the little guy.  The big guys didn’t want me. The big agencies already had their VO people that they worked with.  There was no way to kick that door in.


Then I discovered a couple of one-man shops.  Well, actually a one man shop and a one woman shop. And I connected with them.  I asked them to let me submit auditions for their jobs.  I offered to do spec spots for free (something I still do). I asked them for the privilege of meeting their clients so I could connect and schmooz them. When they were busy, I ran errands for them. I did everything I could do to make them successful.


And it worked.


I cared about them, and they knew it.  And as they grew, my business also grew.  It didn’t take long before they started introducing me to other “little guys.”


Oh, did you think I was just talking about small ad agencies?


Not at all.


I focused on anyone who had a small business that they were passionate about growing. Some of them made it, some of them didn’t. But they became part of my life and part of my business.


Today, I have a few large clients.  That happens, fortunately. 


But the clients that I love to hear from are the ones that are in my Caller ID as Chuck, and Sheila, and Joe, and Danny, and Amy, and on and on.  The little guys. 


Like me.

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Your right Dan!  I found that the "little guy" as you call it are the ones that tend to count the most.  I mean $20 and $50 but if the volume is right, it adds up.  

The little guy has gotten me in with Toys R Us, LG and Office Depot.  So always so that kind of loyalty and know that they will work hard in their business as should you.  You never know where it could lead you.

All the best!


This is fantastic, Dan.  Thank you so much for sharing this.  Yup, I'm a "little gal" (a small business owner who happens to own a small voiceover business).  My husband is a small business owner (a licensed contractor) and for my "day" job (which I am doing in tandem with my voiceover business for the time being) is working for a small business as well.

I realize that when making connections with folks and even auditioning on line (at least in some cases), that many people are small business owners as well.  It's what keeps America ticking.  

Good stuff, thanks so much,




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