Hello everyone,

Hope that the new year is treating everyone great and that it is turning out to be a prosperous one. I've heard some good vibes from people that so far it has been a good year. I can say the same as my momentum continues to build and I have quite a few "irons in the fire" for which I am grateful. Nothing completely concrete, but some very promising prospects.

I had the chance to attend a "Caffeinated Networking/Business Meetup Group" in northern Colorado the other day. There were 30-40 people there from all different types of businesses. This was a great way to connect, learn and network. I'm so thankful I had a chance to attend (the coffee was really good too and fresh roasted from local coffee place). This Meetup was very casual, with quick introductions at the beginning and then plenty of time to mingle, talk with others and to exchange business cards. After the networking time there was a presentation on websites, SEO, SEM (which I had never heard of -- Search Engine Marketing) from which I learned a great deal.

I know Meetup groups are everywhere. Have others had a chance to attend some of these groups? What have you gotten out of it?

-Judy Fossum

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I just got introduced to these last week. I found meetups in my area for film / media production studios and a voice over group. I want to make sure I have a chance to get connected with some of the local production companies from a marketing/sales perspective, and peer VO support is always nice. The next meetup, for the group I joined, is in early March and they show who is attending. I am optimistic and excited about the opportunity. 

Also, there is a small/nominal membership fee for one of the groups. I would love to hear experience from folks who are already leveraging this as well. 

All the best!
Ryan Pugh 

My group is nearly four years old, meeets monthly in Dallas. Great for networking and also, members say that in 2013 they want maximum opps for read copy at mic and be critiqued by experts. Great networking too.


Drop by when you're in town and join us online, become official member, if you can join for real..

Bettye Zoller Seitz


Hello Ryan and Bettye,

Meetups are great. As you've both noted they are great ways to network and to meet people not only in the voice over world but in all businesses.

Onward and Upward!

Have a great week,


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