Okay, after several weeks of working with a local talent here in the Atlanta area, we've pretty much wrapped up my first demo.

I'd love to get some honest feedback on the demo.  Be brutally honest as I have no problems with going back to fix what needs fixing.


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Hi G

Nice production on that demo.  I really like the way it starts and the clips tend to shift gears nicely throughout to display your versatility.  My only constructive comment might be that I think I hear a slight what I want to call "speech impediment" in your voice.  It's not evident in every read but I think you'd benefit from some speech therapy or vocal training to work that out of you.  You have a really nice rich tonal quality to your voice and I'd hate to see that impede your work.

Keep at it!




Very nice vocal quality.  A few things...

For what it's worth, I like the ones where you were in the lower range.  It just seemed you were more credible in those. Lexus was my favorite.  In some of the spots, ("Tiffany," Iphone 4S) I felt your high notes were a bit too high. And I agree with Tom... there was something in your speech... the way you pronounce "S" that seemed a bit off.  

All in all, I personally feel you have tremendous potential.

Best of luck...

Mike Forbes



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