Hi all, I'm new here. I am in the process of branding myself as a voice actor and I thought I'd take advantage of your great ears here to assist me with honing in on my brand. Before you take a listen I'll give just a few details about myself and my VO journey thus far: 

1. I'm a 30yo+ aspiring voice actor 
2. I've spent 10yrs in Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Italy), 9yrs in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana) and 14 years in USA 
3. I've taken VO classes with Marla Kirban, Rodney Saulsberry, and Don Morrow and I've attended the VOICE conference 
4. I am currently non-union and I have representation 

Please keep these questions in mind while you listen: How does my voice make you feel?, What person/place/thing does my voice remind you of? and what emotions does my voice/delivery conjure up? any critique on my demo is most appreciated as well 


Tdao Smile

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Very impressive, Tdao.  Love your pipes, and the range you showed.  The only thing I picked up, I think, was a trace of a New York accent.  You seemed to drop your "Rs".  Maybe I'm nuts, but it disracted me.  Other than that, the demo sounded professional and was energetic.


Best of luck!!


Mike Forbes


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