Hey all,
I've had an idea for a 30 or a 60 second spot for the numerous "Personhood" Amendments that will be on the ballots later this year. Around 40 states will have legislation of some kind on the ballot.

I need a WIDE range of authentic aged voices (not cartoony) for my idea. From VERY old to VERY young - including infant "babble."

My plan is to produce this and offer it with localized tags for any campaign that would use it.

If you'd be interested in helping by donating your time, please drop me a line at dan@vo4u.com.

I will be donating my time, sound effects and production music.

-Dan Harder

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Yes, pls let me know more.
Hi Dan,
If you think you can use my voice ,I would be happy to help.
God Bless
Bernie Beamon
Hey Dan,

I'd be willing to lend my voice to the project.


Hey Everyone,

There may be life in the prolife production after all.  I had a meeting last Friday (1/21) with the director of Personhood USA, and sent him the piece.  Please be in prayer that we might have a meaningful impact on the the Personhood movement.



Hi Dan,

Please let me know what I can do.

For those who are interested, here is a link to the spot.  Presently it's a :60, but could easily be whittled down to a :30.


If you are connected to pro-life movements, and would like to have a personalized version of this spot, feel free to contact me directly at 303-908-5976 or dan@vo4u.com.  I will gladly reproduce and personalize this for anyone, or any state or campaign at no charge.

Just listened to the spot, Dan. Excellent work. My eyes got all watery, so that means it did it's job.  :)

It could be shortened a hair. And a few voices sound a older and more like professional voice actors than the average person. However, I can't claim to be the expert that you are. It is wonderful! Thanks for producing it and I hope it gets picked up and played a lot!


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