I've just completed a demo and am shopping it around to the folks of the Contemporary Christian Radio Community. I'm really excited!

Best To All,

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Hey, Chadd...
You SHOULD be excited about this demo. This is good stuff...crisp...alive...humorous...and the content is such that nobody need be ashamed.
Good Job, Bud...
Herb Merriweather
Herb-- I'm glad you're getting just what I'd hoped! My biggest concern (besides voice, of course) was the content. I'm a novice at the format :)
Chadd, I've always believed that since we serve a Risen Savoir any thing we do for Him should reflect vibrant, joyful life.THIS DOES IT. And by the way...God has a special place for "novices"...remember Timothy?...David?
Nice Stuff, Chad. I expect we'll be hearing more of you. Who did your production? You?

Thanks, Dan-- I'm really hoping to keep moving! I'm responsible for the writing & production too.


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