If you're a blogger, feel free to post a link on this discussion so that we all can follow along with your VO journey!

Here's one that I just started:


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Great subject, Dave!

I actually began blogging for pennies and for autism (my passion) recently. http://askdebaboutautism.com
I research topics for the autism community and post. Where the pennies come in? Clicking on the ads on the side. It is a lot of fun and I enjoy helping people, so it is a win/win.

I used to post on personal stuff, but my life is sooooo boring!!!!

Thanks, Dave, for the opportunity to share our blogs. I just started one recently as I was beginning the process of building a new home studio. It gave me something to blog about. I can't seem to figure out how to direct people to my blog, though. I have a link on my website, but I need to find more ways to promote it, so thank you for this offer. If anyone has any tips for getting your blog read, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!

I've been blogging about cartoon voice actors since before it was called "blogging." November marks 10 years since I began publishing "Voice Actors in the News" on the web in 1999. I upgraded to the blog format in March, and my readership has exploded since. I'm now averaging around 200 daily views where in the years before I was lucky if I got two readers a day... not counting me and my mom either.



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