Thought this might be a fun way to give God some glory... a bit of a "praise report". Have any of you been hired for a gig that you believe was the result of prayer. I don't mean the "please let me get this gig" type of prayer... but, well... for example: I'd had an occasion where a young friend was going on a mission trip and I just didn't have any funds to help him at the time, but my wife and I told the Lord that if I were to get a gig within the time frame of this fundrasier then we would give the money to this kid. We were willing to be used as a blessing for someone else and God used it. Got a gig, got a pretty nice payment, was able to give the kid the money, which was "coincidentally" all he needed to reach the amount he needed. There are more stories... but I'd sure love to hear yours if you have any....

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I did psa's for LifeSharers and The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and now GOD is blessing me with gigs on average of about one per week which is more than I've been doing in recent times. It's all HIM and nothing else

Peace and Blessings to all my brothers and sisters in Christ.


Thanks for your encouraging words and I'm wondering if anyone has had contact with Christian radio and if they purchase short fillers such as a devotional or similar tracks.

Bless you,
Hello Gary, all the Christian work I do or have ever done has in general been voluntary. There have been exceptions, but that doesn't mean there isn't paid Christian work out there.

My personal situation is as follows: My calling and ministry is to evangelistic Christian radio production in Spanish. As that is non-paid I support myself by doing secular work. Before I was selling yachts and did voice-overs part-time. Now voice-over work is full time.

As the commercial side of my work is functioning at this time, thanks to the Lord (there is no other reason in this economic climate) it frees me up to do more Christian voice-overs, apart from my radio work, for devotionals, video testimonies and radio announcements.

Most of the people I am working for are also working on a voluntary basis or on a shoe-string budget.

Soli Deo Gloria
God is a good good God amen
After 20 years of secular radio (which was a blast) I felt led to come back to the Midwest and take a morning show in Wisconsin. I've run my home studio for about 5 years now to supplement my "listener supported" station pay. After missing 3 straight sharathon goals my station pay was cut 30% and at the same exact time my marriage of 17 years was falling apart. I lost all control of everything! My prayer for my marriage AND my salary reduction was simply "I can't do it...please provide a way" Within a week I picked up a new studio customer which almost exactly made up for my 30% salary reduction. He has continued to bless since then above and beyond...and my wife is back and walking with the Lord. Shine! Ken
When looking at the way business comes in, every job I do is a direct result of prayer. Whenever I "get too busy to pray" business dries up. For me it is a 1:1 ratio -- when I pray, work comes in. When I forget who is bringing me work, and work on my own, work dries up. The VO biz for me is COMPLETELY dependent on the faithfulness of God.

It's becoming a huge faith-builder for me and my kids. Praise God he is faithful.

Prayer is my best "marketing" tool.

Amen.....Nice Reminder :)
for the whole concept of becoming a VO actor is a "gig" from God. Since I became disabled in 2008, I was unable to work and kept asking God not why but what next and In August of 2009, I audited a Bob Bergen workshop in Portland Oregon and since then becoming a VO actor is what I feel my calling in.

All my training in Christian Drama, puppetry and owning two businesses all come together to help me in my ultimate goal.

Thanks to this group and VU in general I have learned a lot and Lord will after some intensive training with James and Penny in April I will have my first demo. Blessings:)
Bless you! I had a similar experience. I worked for 20 years in radio as an unsaved, crazy, party girl. I got very ill and was near death. I have been on disability for years, but now, as a believer, the Lord provided me with a studio that cost me very little. After over 900 auditions on, I am starting to get voice over work and I praise God for every single job!!! He has healed me and as long as I walk in obedience, I know my Savior will always provide. I am finally going to be able to say GOOD BYE to disability and HELLO with ability through Jesus Christ.
Thanks for all of these postings ,they are so inspirational.
This will take you 5-7 minutes to read, but my whole journey into VO has been such a God-thing. I just typed it all out yesterday, mainly as a reminder to look back on when I get discouraged ("See, God *does* work!" sort of thing)!/note.php?note_id=464267442903

The link seems to go just to my notes page on FB, but it's the fir...


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