Thought this might be a fun way to give God some glory... a bit of a "praise report". Have any of you been hired for a gig that you believe was the result of prayer. I don't mean the "please let me get this gig" type of prayer... but, well... for example: I'd had an occasion where a young friend was going on a mission trip and I just didn't have any funds to help him at the time, but my wife and I told the Lord that if I were to get a gig within the time frame of this fundrasier then we would give the money to this kid. We were willing to be used as a blessing for someone else and God used it. Got a gig, got a pretty nice payment, was able to give the kid the money, which was "coincidentally" all he needed to reach the amount he needed. There are more stories... but I'd sure love to hear yours if you have any....

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In a story similar to yours, last year a small Christian radio station in the area was badly in need of funds. I had, the very day we learned of their need, picked up a new client. My wife suggested that perhaps we should plan to contribute all of my earnings from this new client to the station. By the end of the year God had provided a rather tidy sum for the station.

Be well,
Well, this is a testimony for sure, perhaps worthy of your time. I had promised the Lord that if I were to go into voiceover full time I would give back an offering from a small settlement I was going to receive from being rear-ended in Los Angeles. Once the settlement came through (boy, was that a struggle...much prayer for justice and righteousness to prevail and about 3 years later), I decided I would bless the station that I once worked at with things they would never buy for themselves: 2 music libraries and a full sfx library...they were thrilled. THEN, that month I had a record billing month!!
I was able to help a missionary do a translation project. He had a friend & pastor from Vietnam that gave his testimony on video and sent it to him. When he got the video it was recorded in Vietnamese he needed someone to read the testimony in English. I was happy to be that voice!
What made this interesting was that he needed the audio ASAP so he could use the video in a presentation to help raise funds for the work in Vietnam.
I just loved being able to help!
Thanks for sharing, guys! All glory to God.
I started my VO career (not so very long ago) lending my voice to video announcements at my church. Apparently having taken notice, the kind video/radio producer asked if I'd be willing to lend my voice to the radio ministry - doing the intro/outro portion of the pastor's message. Would I be willing? Are you kidding me? This is what I want to do when I grow up! :) Those messages broadcast weekly for at least a year and I am honored to have been a part of that ministry. I also took it as a sign to proceed onward....and I do give God all the glory!
I know I got my demo produced for free as a direct answer to prayer. My wife and I just didn't have it in the budget, and it was one of the last pieces I needed to fully launch myself as a VO artist. It's been God's blessings and Him putting me in the right places at the right times that I managed to get agency representation without a demo. Of course you guys would know how extremely rare that is in this industry.

I was praying that somehow we'd get the financial means to get the demo produced, but I never imagined how God would actually answer that prayer.

I was selected to be an extra in Tyler Perry's "The Family That Preys" earlier this year, and I nearly dropped out after learning that extras were earning less than $100 for an overnight 12-hour shoot. My wife was VERY vocal that I should bail on it, and I can't recall at the moment how I convinced her it would be a good thing.

At the shoot, there were networking opportunities galore as we were kept in extras holding for half the night. And while I was chatting with someone else, I thought I heard a really familiar voice near me but I couldn't place it. It turned out to be one of the on-air talents with 104.7 The Fish in Atlanta. We discovered that we had the same agent and had even auditioned for some of the same commercials. She said she wanted to hear my demo and I was embarrassed to admit I didn't even have one. She paused for a moment and said, "I'll produce one for you. You can come down to the station and we'll get you in the studio and I'll engineer it for you and do post-prod on it as well.

I thanked her for her offer, but I told her I just couldn't afford it at the moment.

She said, "Oh that's no problem. I'll do it for free. Someone did the same thing for me early in my radio career and I feel God is impressing on me that it's finally time to pay it forward."

It's taken a while to have it completed due to various delays, but I should have a final cut here within the next week or two.

So the whole reason I was supposed to be at that low-pay movie shoot was so God could provide the means to a direct answer to prayer. God DID provide the "financial means" after all since it was FREE.

I'd also like to openly thank Parks Stamper at 104.7 The Fish for her kindness and generosity in helping to fulfill this need. I've invited her to join VU here, so maybe we'll hear from her here in the future.

Craig Crumpton
Hello to all. I am a fugitive from radio who "happened" to discover vo after years of hearing "get back in radio", etc. No interest in returning to the air, but this vo covers all the stuff I really enjoyed about that biz. So many little things keep pushing me in this direction. Even flipped a coin once upon a time. Guess the results. Ha! Amazing how many fellow believers I keep running into. I consider that one of the main confirmations of this direction. Godspeed to all!
Hi David!

I'm happy to share this little truth!!!

I teach a Bible Study class of a little over 200 people. That's 200 people more whacked that I am. And I tell them often: In spite of the incredibly creative and gifted marketing genius I am (cough, cough...sputter, sputter), my business is dead in the water without the the implicit and direct intervention of God.

One thing I've learned through the years: I am not my source. My business is not my source. God is my source. If He chooses to provide through my business, great. If not, great...He'll provide a way. He always has. He always will.

In spite of the economic "excitement" of 2008, that year was the best I have ever had in business. And that can only be attributed to the grace and mercy of a loving, faithful, compassionate, tolerant, forgiving, and giving God!

And 2009 is starting off better than last year.

I call that a blessing. My wife (Marcia) says, "I've heard your voice work. I call that a miracle!"

...what did she mean by that???
Well, though I have had to turn down a number of scripts due to "adult" content, or excessive foul language. God has also been faithful to honor my commitment to those standards. With as many jobs as I have rejected, the LORD has given me favor with the casting director and/or producer of projects. When I am offered and job that conflicts with my "family-friendly" policy, I tell them upfront, and almost every time, they are willing to revise the script in order for me to voice for them! Now I think that counts as a miracle!
Thanks for the chance to share.
Bunches of blessings to you all.
Katie, that definitely keeps me hopeful. Thanks for sharing that!
Hi Katie,
I too have turned down many scripts due to content that would be comprimising, and I can also testify that God is faithful to provide for us as we honor him. It is really exciting to hear that your clients have modified the script so that they could keep you as their voice. That is so awesome to hear.

I have several testimonies as I know many of you do, but one in particular I would like to share is recent. I donate my giftings / talents to my church in the Dallas area (for video announcements) and I am currently donating a big project (as I am able) for a Christian audio book written by my pastor. The last few times I have picked up the book and recorded a few chapters (which was usually when there was not any work coming in) I would have an open door to a new paying VO project. Although we don't give to receive, I knew that the Lord was providing both a way to help me progress on the audio book and an opportunity to receive glory for himself as Him being my provider.

Ryan P
Hey Dave,
Why doesn't our membership in the Christian Voice Actors Group appear with the other groups on our Linkedin web page?


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