I am trying to get my Zephyr box to work. everything is good except I can't seem to get audio TO the Zephyr. in tests, I can hear the far end studio fine, but I can't get my protools output into the box. I just bought a Command 8 for my protools HD system. To get audio to it, I bought the analog snake that outputs from the 192 i/o. it has 8 xlr's. 1 and 2 are going to my command 8. #6 is going to my Broadcast Host digital hybrid for phone patch sessions. I connected 3 and 4 to the input of the Zephyr and selected "line" instead of "mic" on the Zephyr. in my session template, I created a master track that outputs to 3 and 4. I can see VU on the screen, but not on the front of the Zephyr. it DOES, however, give me a slight meter bump on the left channel when I send a signal. but only for a second. I figure I am doing something stupidly simple wrong and have swallowed my pride. HELP!

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Hi Ken! I'm sorta in the same boat! I switched to a Zephyr from a Prima, but I can't get the Zephyr to work! In fact, it won't even store any settings. I can call out, but when someone tries to call in they can't connect to the second line...no matter which number they call first (so it's not the phone line).

It's driving me crazy!!!

Maybe I can piggyback on your request for help?
fine with me Dan. Hopefully there will be someone that can help us.
The guys in the Telos tech department are awesome and helped me set my Xstream up over the phone in a matter of minutes. They deal with morons like us every day and really take their time in making sure their equipment works for you.

Have you called them up yet? Here is a page to their tech links:

I actually have already sent the unit to them. It is in their hands now and in the "queue" to get diagnosed and repaired. Initial thoughts are that it may be a bad card. Will post an update when I get word in case it helps others to diagnose future problems for themselves. Thanks Mutt!
Zephyr 9202, Xpress, or Xstream?
Did you get it used?
Does sound like an internal issue...
Have you tried an AES connection from Pro Tools, so you can stay in the digital domain?
I meant to wrap this up earlier this week. It turned out to have a bad mono card. expensive to replace, but I am now back up and running thanks to the fine techs at Telos.

It is the older Zephyr classic model with the black face plate, FYI.



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