Hi all.....I've perused the forums but have yet to find this topic, although I may have missed it and for that I apologize. My question: how do you keep the voice sounding sharp and fresh, and along with that....do any of you have any secret ways to control and manage the inevitable mucus that often gets in the way. (an 'icky' subject, I know...) I'm 53 now and as I age it's becoming an increasing problem, one that I am trying to control by limiting dairy products, drinking tea (no coffee) and watching my diet where I can. That said, does anyone use any secret potions, voodoo or magical spells that aid in keeping the passageway clear?


Gordo in the Great White North

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BTW I'm not "New" to VO, although at 5 years perhaps I am compared with some of you. Been in radio for 38 years, though and still, stubbornly at it...
1) Don't smoke.

2) Don't use cream in your coffee or tea.

3) There's this gum to chew, but dammit, I can't remember its name. It's sitting on my desk at home, but I'm in city right now.

4) Water works.

--- Barry


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