I have a couple of national spots on air right now, Carvnival cruise lines (the spot with the giant beach ball), Beggin Strips (I just did three new tags) and a promo for ESPN-Pizza Hut. The strange thing is that I dont think Ive ever had so much stuff on at the same time. Apparently THIS is what being a working Vo actor is.



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Congratulations, Nik! Feels nice when it works, doesn't it?
I wouldnt know, it usually doesnt work for me lol THANKS man
Way to go, Nik. You've just become the latest inspiration for me. Currently, I've got a bunch of local/regional running in various markets and one national radio spot series right now. Of course that's in Canada - so if I compare it to your US national stuff it would be like standing on the street corner shouting at the cars going by :-) Congratulations.
Doug my man work is work, think of the local stuff as the appetizer to the main meal which is the national. Its so much better to have actual material (local or otherwise) that makes up a reel rather than the studio created mock stuff. as for the inspiration comment, well yes: if a Jackass like myself can get work, who among us CANT?


Good luck!
Nik, I listened to your demos. You ain't no jackass, that's for sure - I can hear why you're "sort of consistently working". Good on ya'. Feeling pretty good about working myself. Just got back from a studio this morning - that's right, a real studio with producers, clients and audio engineers. Just like the old days. Actually had to drive there - wish I'd done it in the white Don limo :-). Hmmm, maybe I should get out more, eh?
AWESOME Nik! I feel like when it rains it pours.....and right now it's soaking wet for me! Back to work fo rboth of us....have a good one
Congratulations! I want to be like you when I grow up!!!!!

Best wishes for more great things in store!!
Ah when it rains it...rains!!
Congratulations Nik! Great job. Will def pay attention when I see those spots airing.
HI there. I have a voiceover reel started and want to make sure I present it right. I have a great voice but I am new to voiceovers. I have long done studio vocals for over 20 years but just now entering the voiceover world professionally, looking for an agent, etc. I have heard that I must present a voiceover reel only in my style meaning if I choose commercial then I should have a reel with only that. Is that true?
Keeps you busy doesn't it Nik!  Nothing like having a good number of regular clients.


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