HOwdy all! I've been fortunate to be extremely busy this first quarter - so much so that I have not even had time to do more than a handful of auditions in the last couple of months. Good. BUT, I just got an email from a online voice bank that I belong to (name withheld) that threatened to take me OFF their roster because I have not signed in to my account.
Here is an excerpt:
"If you don't sign in, we will mark your talent-voice producer profile as inactive. All visitors viewing your profile will be warned that you are an inactive user of the marketplace and, as such, may not reply to their messages and requests. You may NOT continue receiving invitations to submit audition and proposals."
WHAT!?! I pay THEM xxx amount of dollars a year - they don't pay ME! Am I off base, or shouldn't I have the luxury of using their service WHEN I want to without being penalized? I am quite frankly stunned and considering dumping this service just because of their attitude. YOUR thoughts on this? Talk me off the ledge, please......

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Lisa, if you paid to be on their service and you are a current member, you should NOT be penalized for not logging in. What is their purpose in doing this, I wonder? Their message to you sound terse and offensive. Write them back and tell them how you feel.

Best regards
Donna Summers
VOplanet partner
VoiceCasting owner
Hi Lisa,

Dave Courvoisier has covered this very thing on his blog here, including a reply from the people at Voice123.

Steven Lowell, Voice123's public relations manager has also blogged about it here.

I'm not taking sides, but it's interesting to read both opinions (IMHO)…
Well, thanks all and I did read the blog by the V123 guy and have to say there is absolutely no logic in his explanation at all. None. Period. I quote "What would happen if an agent or voice seeker called a talent for a last-minute job, and you were not available or never called back? That important person would say, 'They should have at least some way I can reach them!'.
Well, let's see, I have my phone number, email and website all listed on the v123 profile. I CAN be reached EVERY day via one of these methods. Just because I do not wish to wade through the cattle-call of auditions that flood my inbox every day does NOT mean I am NOT available to a SPECIFIC seeker that is trying to contact ME ONLY. So, I call Bull-Sh*t on that so-called explanation. Nuff said. I am no longer a member of this site. Guess all I have to do is not log-on and I will be expelled. Good. They made it totally easy for me to quit them. Sigh. Sorry for the rant. I have no patience with things that are unreasonable and illogical.
CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP!!! These sites that we pay for but have no respect for us do not deserve our money. There should be a better relationship. FYI, they have done the same to those of us who have profiles there but aren't paying members (I gave up that membership years ago).
Hey Lisa,
Thanx for sharing your experience w/us. I'm on the fence re: on-line casting sites and this certainly gives me pause. So I went to the referenced site blog and am properly berated with "You are either in the Voice Over business or you are not." Hey folks, look around the VU site... does it look like any of us are not in the VO biz?

Than, as I expected, the truth of the matter is revealed: "From a Voice123 perspective, we have to do this for ourselves as well, and I openly admit it." Doesn't it always come down to the needs of the business/company/corporation, in this case the "Agency." So there you have it!

Are agencies a necessary partner in your biz plan? Maybe they are and maybe they aren't, but if you decide they are a part of YOUR biz plan, than pick and choose carefully. A good working relationship with an agency can enhance your biz experience and success, just as a bad, ineffective, or frustrating relationship can damage it. There are enough challenges today in our biz, who needs more grief?

Kudos to You Lisa!

Tom Dolan
Criminy Lisa! sorry you got victimized by this too!... V123 just knows how to best PO their voice talent. Not likely we're going to change their minds on this one, though...just more ineptitude on their part.

Dave Courvoisier
(aka CourVO)
Hi Lisa,

I don't blame you about this. I'd be irritated as well being treated in this way. I've been working with a few sites like this for years with success. What you've quoted here is a pretty sharp way of dealing with the "inactivity " of a paying member. I'll bet I know which audition site this is. I work with them too... for now, but will be dropping them when my renewal is up.

You probably should send them a professionally polite letter and see how they handle it.

Btw, are you in the Nashville area?

Be cool!

If it's the same one I think it is... I told them how much they sucked! Really I did, they gave me my money back and asked me.. no told me to leave. Screw em'. They are there to sell subscriptions, not get you a job. AND I believe they throddle as well.. (keeping any high paying jobs for themselves, as they are voice dudes too) and passing out the crumbs to the people that ACTUALLY pay them to be on their site! It's a scam and they should be shot.
All that work for 100.00 dollar gigs. That is HORSE PUCKY!

Ok.. that's my take.

It's bed time.


Yup! I know exactly who you're referring to. And their explanations and justifications just confirm what I've thought about them for a looong time: they're arrogant twits.

And by the way, the talents who support subscribing to them on the basis that 1) it's tax deductible; and 2) it's exposure, are missing the point. One could take the money they charge and do a whole lot more for one's career elsewhere.
Hey Dan,

I'm glad I read this. I was thinking of signing on to one of the evil voice banks, but now I think I will reconsider.

You mentioned that, "One could take the money they charge and do a whole lot more for one's career elsewhere." Might I inquire as to what you meant by your statement. Where and how do you suggest someone, like myself, could invest money and do more for my career?

Hi Lisa,

Well, I agree with everyone, you should let them know who pays the bills, first and foremost. Should you not receive any satisfaction you should not give them any more money once your subscription expires. When these sites go through turmoil and make decisions that we are not happy with (as paying clients) then they don't get paid anymore. However the downfall is that alot of new voice talent use these sites as their only lead generation tool, so they continue to get new subscriptions, and until the attition rate is high enough, the site in question will make decisions however they like, not necessarily in the benefit of their paying clienele - untl someone else comes along with a better mousetrap. I did NOT resubscribe, but I would consider it as part of my future marketing should the better decisions (in favor of paying clients) be made.
V123 just doesn't seem to figure out who are their main customers: Us! Not the producers!

My membership will expire in less than a month, but after reading your case, Lisa... now I'm having second thoughts about the renewal.

Jorge Velasco


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