When we look back over how we’ve celebrated the 4th of July in years past, we often think of trips we’ve taken, picnics we’ve planned and fireworks we’ve seen. If you’d like to make this 4th of July a little more meaningful, spend a few minutes right now with “Bob and Friends.”

The website: http://BobandFriends.net is devoted entirely to encouraging a return to the principles that made the United States of America great . . ."One Nation Under God . . . Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all."

Recent additions to our website feature Elvis Presley singing "America the Beautiful," the words to the poem "I am the Flag of the United States," the story of how Francis Scott Key came to write our National Anthem, a stunning visual of "God Bless the USA," Teddy Roosevelt's comments on Illegal aliens, some of our past Presidents get together for a game of cards, and lots more.

Songwriter Johnny Mercer's admonition to "Accent the Positive & Eliminate the Negative" is a great way to celebrate the 4th of July . . . 365 days a year. Will you start today?

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