Does anyone Know some Great Voice Over Producers In Tampa Bay, Florida?

I am seeking a Producer who I can go into the studio and make the demos of demos.   They seem to have all the tricks up their sleeves and I want to sound my best.  Does anyone have any connections to producers here in the Tampa Bay Area?  I technically live in Seminole, Florida just on the top edge of St. Petersburg, so if that helps all the better.

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Hi Mr. Van Sise Sr, I'm Sebastian "D South" Riley a producer, however I'm not in the Tampa Bay Area. I'm based in Mississippi.  I am interested in producing for you.  I have Demos on my VU page of other voice over artists as well as myself.   If your interested, send me a project, I'll produced it for you.

Wow!  Thank you Sebastian!    But, Let me please explain a few things with me.  I am disabled and waiting on my Disability, so I was shopping around to see what is out there and who would be best.  So when I could afford to, I would jump on this next step of my professional career.  I have a MXL 990 Mic with my Home Studio, and if you've heard my Demos, all of them were made with that mic.  It's a $60.00 cheapo mic, and that's why I thought going into a studio with the right mic would be better, unless you think that's not as important.  It's always good to ask and then make a good decision.  I know a Mic can help in making the voice more prominent in a demo, and with a producer with all the right stuff, copies, and sound effects, I am sure they can make me sound great!   I hate being in a Hurtful state as I am, but this what I am now best at and I want to take it as far as I can.  I am seeking to make a Movie Promo demo, a Commercials demo, and even animated Characters Demo.  But One hurdle at a time.    If you have not heard my demos, I invite you to check them out Sebastian.   But if you have all ready, I thank you very much.   Please give me your input and let me know what you think is my best move, would you?   Thank you so much and I'll check out your stuff online here.   Thanks again!! - DVS


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