Im not 100% sure where im suppose to post if im in the wrong area...I apologize!! :)

Im work with a radio station in Texas...we have a bank thats advertising with us, they are a locally owned bank only local to the area. They are asking us to help them come up with a "Slogan" or "Catch Phrase" to help them kinda stand out and have an name of thier own. Im coming up with a blank thoughts....kinda creative block I guess....I would appreciate any and all original ideas that you might be willing to share. Not sure if it will help, but the bank name is "First National Bank of Abilene"

Thanks to everyone that might have some input!! :)

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What your bank client is asking for is much more than a slogan. It's a critical part of their brand and identity. A mere "slogan" will not do justice to their advertising and can, in the long run, be counter productive to their overall marketing plan. Their radio advertising needs to be coordinated with their other marketing efforts. This is exactly what we do at If you'd like to discuss your client's needs more thoroughly, please feel free to call us M-F between 10am and 5pm 858.484.0220. Maybe we can help.


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