I get colds from time to time... I usually opt to not go to my agency's booth, as to not get other clients sick. But I've been hired in the past when auditioning with my "sick voice". What should I do?

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Professionally I believe that auditioning with much more than a mild cold, that has not affected your voice is not a good idea. #1 yes it just spreads disease and #2 you're now auditioning with a voice that you may not be able to replicate if your sound is affected due to the illness. If you are auditioning and can complete the job from your home studio, then #1 is a moot point. That's my take on it.
I audition anyway. I do it in my home studio... One client told my agent, "Julie with a cold is better than the others without!" I made $1200 on that local spot. But, I do the auditions in my own studio...no one else to catch the cold!

BTW,. when I lived in San Antonio I'd get very hoarse twice a year, presumably due to allergens. There were certain clients who I could call as soon as I got sick because they just loved the "wonderful raspy quality" to my voice that time of year! Go figure!

Note: Entertainer's Secret is very helpful if youa re beginning to lose your voice.
Learn to reproduce the sick voice while healthy. Don't hurt your throat, but stuff up your nose with a tissue, or find out how to speak that tone in your throat.

As Julie said, sometimes just being sick will land you jobs because of the voice when sick. Go with it. Bring disinfectant spray to the studio. Let the agency know you're sick. But IMHO it's not a good idea to depend on allergies or illness. Reproduce it without those random factors.


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