Hey fellow VOers. I've got a home studio question I'd like to throw out the Universe, and get other folks' thoughts. I do a lot of my voice recording at home in a whisper room that I purchased used a few years ago. Anyone who owns one knows how effective they are, and also how incredibly HUGE they are. The hubby is OK with the booth, but he wouldn't mind if I could have a recording setup that took up less space. I'm curious as to how other people work around noise issues in the absence of a recording booth. We live in a studio apartment, so I don't really have an extra room to set up camp in. So what does everyone else find works for them?


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you know Whisper rooms are great if you have the space and the $$$. My AGENT who handled me for radio imaging said " just put a rug on the wall you'll be fine". Easier said than done in NYC as it tends to be loud. In my last home set up in Boston I had wall mounts which absorbed and diffused quite a bit, Guitar center's GC pro has that stuff if you dont wnat to go the online route. The real trick is deadening the above ( my apartment has 14 foot ceilings where I have my mic set up, THAT sucks),........... So anyway there are a lot of options that cost less than a Whisper room. However if you have the space and the $$$ they are pretty bad ass!
Thanks for the suggestions. The whisper rooms are indeed bad ass! :-) I should mention that we have an understanding that if my recording quality will suffer with something else, the booth can stay. We've actually managed to make it fit quite nicely, and it doubles as sort of a room divider. I'm personally quite attached to it, but at the end of the day, they are big and ugly.
I use Harlan Hogan's portabooth even at home in my walk-in cuboard ;) http://www.voiceovertimes.com/2008/02/25/harlan-hogans-porta-booth-...


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