Gregg Stepp is my new radio hero.

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Awesome! ...and do you know who he is being replace by? The Grease Man! Can you say LAME !!!
I heard that. Didn't he make some racist comment on the air like 7 years ago?
That was top notch!!!
"The Grease Man" - sounds classy... :-)

Greg handled that pretty darn well all things considered!
Wow, imagine getting to hear that as it happened? Fantastic. Good for him for sticking it like so many on air talents have wanted to do.
Oh my God, amazing! Who was the poor bastard that had to run in and throw on any music they could find? Ha!
THAT WAS AMAZING! I wish I could have had the chance to do that.

To bad he didn't have "take this job and shove it" cued up.

Although I thought that he really did think on his feet.

That was great!



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