Okay, I'm sick of my production music which leads me to believe, I need more. I have good stuff but I feel limited at the moment. Can anyone recommend a good service or website where I can get more and don't have to spend $30 a track? :)

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I've had good experiences with Bobs Music Cafe. The second set of CD's is really pretty good. Also the Digital Juice suff...although everybody sems to have those now. I've had some luck on...al all places...ebay.
There was a company called "radioactive" that had purchased and re-packaged some of the older avdeli stuff. Found them on ebay....good tracks very cheap and all royalty free.
You show me yours...and I'll show you mine.>>>> As Skimligpagliania if it is legal for us to share our respective libraries with each other...
i have tons of radio active stuff...imaging elements, beds, sfx...etc.
I've had fun, and happy clients, with downloadroyaltyfreemusic.org which I found on ebay. I got 100 cds on one DVD for around $60. Some of it's ehhh but there are some gems in there. Most of the tracks aren't labeled and it's taking a long time to get familiar with it but isn't that part of the fun (isn't it? isn't it?)?

Just like hiring a voice talent or production person, it's hard to expect good quality if you're being cheap. But overall I'd say this place is worth it. When I ordered they even threw in an additional 100 songs for free.
There are some peeps here that make their own beds. Talk to the group, "the Music we make".
Roy Cunningham has hooked me up with some great tracks.
@Joey--HELL YEAH make your own beds. Here's the secret for non-musicians. Won't work for all purposes, but where it DOES work, it works like a charm;

Go out to Best Buy and purchase a $100 Casio with an audio out and use those preset tunes that you can manipulate with a single key. Most of them sound like bad Eurodisco, but when it works, it works. Do a couple of key changes, then multitrack a layer of whole notes over the top of it where appropriate. You can get some appropriately moody sounding stuff and have some fun with it.

Or you can drop 800-1000 bucks on a Korg Radias and use THOSE presets. And they sound pretty cool for what they are. I'd never cut an album with those presets, but they are fun to manipulate.
I second the Digital Juice love... www.digitaljuice.com . They're mostly into video effects and libraries but they also have production music. Their stuff is all royalty-free buyout, and they run specials all the time... I think right now you can bundle 4 of their StackTraxx volumes for $99... each volume is themed (Country, Cinematic, Rock, Christmas, Ambient, etc) and StackTraxx are broken into individual instrument tracks... so you can use their mix or make your own. Granted, not every track is a winner (and occasionjally there's some cheese in there) but you get a lot of bang for your buck.

I have a virtually unlimited capability to supply anything musical...

Soon I'll be producing my first production music library with my associate Peter Maus...

As soon as we get connected here... I'll send you some more info!

This is a great topic for me to see here!
Roy, I can't wait to hear what you come up with! Keep us all posted.
Digital Juice (digitaljuice.com) and Smartsound's Sonic Fire Pro (www.smartsound.com) are very good choices.
I've been using both the Digital Juice BackTraxx 1&2 and the two CDs that Randy McCarten has put out. I found Randy's library on eBay a couple years ago and his stuff is VERY affordable. ($40 each or both for $65!)
Try Air Media, www.air-media.co.uk


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