Hey all,
My first post! I was wondering what some peoples experience has been with sites like Voicehunters? I used to be with Voices.com and Voice123 but found that there was a lot of low balling and cheap clients that wanted a lot for very little pay. It was also easy to get lost among the hundreds of other Premium voice talent. The good part is, the site only charges a couple of hundred bucks to be a Premium talent and you get all the auditions you want. Voicehunters charges much more and I wondered if it was worth it or can you just as easily get lost in the shuffle there too? Are the clients willing to pay more in general or will you still get the 5 minute narration for $50 request?
Which of these types of sites seems to be the best?

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The only client to stiff me came from Voice 123. Couldn't tell you about the others.
Hi Shelly....
I did a year sifting through voice 123...never got a job. If your looking to do $50 dollar jobs then yes that is the place. Ive heard stories about guys getting pretty good gigs on it...but then again, Ive read Penthouse forum too. If ya get my drift.
I do belong to voicehunter...and yes its a little more costly, but the minute it stops paying for itself is the minute Im on to something else. I think Voicehunter is in the process of re-inventing its self. It will be interesting to see what becomes of it all. Anyway you look at it, ya cant have too many people or sites dragging the river for ya...the difference is weather or not you choose to do the job for the moneys offered. There is a lot of work out there, but there are also a lot of voices out there. Givin' the time, cream usually rises...
Good luck to you
Hey Shelly,

I do agree with Philip to an extent, auditioning for $100-150 jobs can be time consuming and tedious, and the client really should be choosing a talent straight from their demo for that amount. HOWEVER, there is no better place to receive CONSTANT auditions, it's great practice! In my opinion Voices.com is a better site, there seems to be a higher level of talent on there for the most part, AND they have a $100 minimum, Voice123 does not. I will tell you that I've been on both sites for quite some time now, not always a paid member but when I was I've landed several great clients that I STILL work with to this day. You may be auditioning for a $100 job at first, but if you land the client, many tend to use you again and again, and that first audition just made you several thousand dollars worth of work that you didn't have to audition for after the first time. Was I lucky? Maybe......but that's the chance you take in the biz. It doesn't pay off for everyone, but it certainly did with me. It's also a place to post your link back to your own website (hopefully you have one) and that is great for the search engines, especially Voices.com and Voice123 being so high in the ranks for voice sites.

I'm also with Voicehunter, have not had too much luck with them yet but I'm changing some of my demos over right now and will give them a bit more time before giving up. They serve a niche market (imaging) mostly, and it's usually just a matter of time before you get noticed, as long as you have a GREAT demo. The way I see it, if Joe Cipriano is on the site (which he is) then I'm going to give it a shot. --Trish
Joe is right! You have to audition like crazy! There are a trillion people on Voices and Voice 1-2-3. I've had some success recently on Voices.com but it took almost a year to have any kind of luck. Good luck, Shelly! :)
Wow Terri, am I glad you said it took over a year to get work on Voices. I was beginning to think something was wrong with me. I am getting work from VoiceHunter and my agents, even a national spot just last month. Nothing...notta...nope...out of Voices. I used to belong to V123 and had some work from them and surprisingly even though I am not a premium member anymore I am still getting people calling me from the site I have listed from them.
I have only been on Voices for about a month and a half, so I probably can't give a fair assessment of the site. I can say that it is a slow moving site, in the sense that it takes a long time to get the pages to load etc. Other than that I will reserve comment until I have put more time in. Voicehunter did NOT work at all for me. I know that are many who have done fairly decent there, but I was totally unhappy. I went in under the "Broadcast" level. $500. Not really a bad price. At the end of my year I had only gotten 5 or 6 auditions. I am not about to pay $100 per audition to anyone. Granted, it is up to me to perform when I get an audition, but $500 for 5 or 6 auditions...NO THANKS.
Hi Shelly,
I joined voicehunters about 2 weeks ago and within a week I had a job that paid the listing fee, so I like them already!!
I think you have to be on Voice123 and Voices.com even if you don't audition.
About 3 months ago I got rung by a guy from Italy who found me via V123 wanting to record about 1000 scripts at 50 euro a script.
They were looking for a mid atlantic accent.
Unfortunately, I didn't get it, but that one job would have set me up for the year.
I have tried to cut down on my auditions on V123 as I have noticed EVEN if I get rated #1 I often don't get the job.
I think a lot of the time they post some have assed project and "fish" for ideas. Then they change their mind. (esp with the whacky ones)

On Voices.com I once got a job just because of my location (near studio city)

If you can get into Voicehunter I think it is worth the investment.

I would join all the reputable sites, if you don't get back your fees, drop them
Hello All,
Have you heard of Voices On Line Now? I think our site, is the only site that does not charge VO talent to be featured. The process of being featured on this website is a little more in depth than the other companies. All of the talent is reviewed by seasoned casting directors who are actors and VO as well.

Thank you,
Mackenzie Vick
Well lets talk Mackenzie....I haven't heard of you and don't have you in my voice biz handbook that I sell to MANY regarding the business. Would love to know more about you.
Please send me an email if you have time or connect with me on VO Universe
Thank you for posting
All my best
Deb Munro (Talent/Coach)
My Voice, Your Way!
Hi Deb,

What's the name of the book that you sell? Do you have it posted on our site for sale? If not, please do so. It's free. Also, I'd like to speak with you about a coaching gig that I'm planning for later this year or early next. E-mail or call me at your convenience. I'm around this weekend and next week, except for Tuesday afternoon.

Have a good weekend,


You are more than welcome to email me at mackenzie@voicesonlinenow.com if you would like to chat further. Have a great day.

Mackenzie Vick
Hi there,
I checked out the site. How does a voice actor submit their demo's for review?
Shelly Callahan


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