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Ernie anderson
John Pleisse
Beau weaver
John Willyard
Brian James
Jim Cutler
Joe Kelly
Paul Frees
Charlie van duke
Rick Party
There's a guy who's doing it all - international, national, regional: Craig Burnett!

One of the great icons: Don Morrow.

Outstanding female bilingual voice: Amy Taylor.

Speaking of female voices, the two best that I know are Roberta Solomon and Barb Lindstrom.

But is there anybody smoother than Jim Moore?
Way too many to list, but I did get very interested in this industry after reading an interview with James Arnold Taylor sometime 6 or 7 years ago. I was an editor on one of his Fruity Pebbles commercials and got to be there for his voice record. I met him and I felt so geeky as I was the most excited in the room to see him perform.

Here are a few others:

Lynnanne Zager
Patrick Warburton
Frank Welker
Bob Bergen
Tom Kane
Kat Kressida
Scott Holst
Robert Clotworthy
Steve Staley
Neil Patrick Harris
Yuri Lowenthal
Wally Wingert
Jim Cummings
Seth MacFarlane
Dan Milano
Steve Blum
Johnny Yong Bosch
Rob Paulsen
Hank Azaria
Don LaFontaine
The DON....
Jim Cummings
Ben Patrick Johnson
Joe C.
and many others....
Hi Rick! Gosh I have so many, but there are two ladies who I emailed a long time ago, girls who are in the big leagues. I never expected to hear back from them, but low and behold they personally emailed me back and have given me guidence and inspiration. Those two ladies are Julie Williams and Debbie Munro. Sincerely, Diane Merritt
Hi, everyone! This is my first reply here, figured this was a good topic for my start! Here's my short list of favorites in no particular order.

The Guys:
Corey Burton
Patrick Warburton
Seth MacFarlane
Rob Paulsen
Maurice Lamarche
Lorenzo Music
Mel Blanc

The Ladies:
June Foray
Lucille Bliss
Bea Benaderet
Alex Borstein
Pat Carroll
Arleen Sorkin
Just saw this discussion topic and I immediately had to throw Mr. Peter Cullens name into the ring.
Chopper Bernet is one voice missing from the list.
All my clients!! Love you guys :)

Listen to their demos at:

Beau weaver
I know this is an old thread but my personal favorite: Brian James.


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