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Kathleen Barr
E.G Daily
Debi Derryberry
Candi Milo
Grey Delisle
Mary Kay Bergman
Pamela Adlon
Janyse Jaud
Keith David
Kevin Michael Richardson
Michael Beach
Cam Clarke
Patrick Warbuton
Peter Kelamis
Tom Kenny
I don't know most of these people yet because I'm still very new to this side of the industry, but I had to co-sign Patrick Warburton. I love his voice in everything he does. From Venture Bros to The Emperors New Groove (my favorite movie) haha. Love it!
Ok, here are mine!

John Facenda
Ken Nordeen
and that guy who plays the Geico Gecko...
Geez there are so many...
People I've actually worked with:
Don Morrow
Yuri Lowenthal
Kari Wahlgren
Peter Jessop
Karly Rothenberg
Alan Rachins
Bob Bergen
Roger Craig Smith
Daran Norris
Tom Kenny
Tara Platt
Carl Weathers
Mitchell Whitfield
Elizabeth Perkins
Mike Rock
Matt Corboy
Alyson Steel
Holter Graham
Scott Brick
Peter Giles
Sam Riegel
Brian Doyle Murray
Michael York
Orson Bean
Stephen Nichols
David A Baker
Bill Ackerman
Steve Staley
Jim Ward
Kevin Linehan
Ron Masak
Lynnanne Zager

There are SO MANY more too.
You genuinely meet some really cool people in VO...
WOW, great topic. There are truly some great ones and I know so few, but, and I guess it depends on what they are doing, so in general:

Tom Kane
Don LaFontaine
David Caradine
Joe Cipriano
Patrick Warburton
Seth Green
Seth McFarlane
Matt Rawlings
John Williard
Bill Curtis
the late Paul Winfield
I am going to add a file to your web site featuring myself and Charlton Heston that we did for the History Channel . I was always impressed by his distinctive sound and comanding presence, the man was quite unique. Towards the end of our sessions together he had some trouble with the script but I never suspected that this was an indication of a much more serious and profound problem.. In England several memorable actors have been knighted for their ability, how many of you devotees to voice over believe in adding one more applicant to the Queen's list.. The man whom we lovingly referred to as "Chuck"
Many on my list:
Harlan Hogan
Bob Bergen
Pat Fraley
Rod Saulsberry
Don LaFontaine
Diane Seadia
Elaine Clarke
and it keeps growing!!
Mark Hamill (he's my favorite)
Kevin Michael Richardson
Rob Paulsen
Maurice LaMarche
Patrick Warburton
Bob Bergen
Frank Welker
Kevin Conroy
Seth MacFarlane
Hank Azaria
Carlos Alazraqui
Joey Pepin, Frank Welker, Don, Cip, Steve Stone, Allan Peck, Barry Zate, Paul Boucher, Jon Rivers, Eric Thompson, Howard Cogan, Bill Lloyd, Karen Hutton, Jen Hale, Ann DeWig, Virginia Hamilton, Dave Elvin, October Moore, Doug Medlock, Roberta Solomon, Hank Azaria, Aaron Ratliff, Kevin Cooke and on and on and on......
Wow there are two voices that I really love to listen to.

Rodd Houston and Ashton Smith.
Two thumbs up on Ashton Smith...way up!
Great query -- interesting responses. After amplifying my love of Ashton Smith(!) I instantly thought of half a dozen others whom I've admired and revered! Aside from those obvious whose names are etched in the annals of voice over history, there are also:
Paul Frees
Norman Rose
Les Marshak
Ted Brown
Ken Nordeen
Peter Thomas
John Rydgren


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