Is it just me, or does anyone else find themselves logging into VoiceOver a whole lot more frequently then they do MySpace?

Check out videos, read blogs, look for upcoming events, seek out advice, and even have some laughs in the comfort of an environment created exclusively for voice actors and people in the voice industry. (Thank you, Rick Party!)

I still stop by MySpace now and again, but for me, it has taken a back seat to VO Universe. com.

Any thoughts?

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I still use it to communicate with/market to...Internet Radio stations, recording studios, small and medium size businesses.....etc.....but the VAST majority of my reading and enjoyment...comes from right here.
Amen, Mike. Thank you for sharing.
I'm with you. I rarely stop by the 'space anymore. I feel liberated.
Word up!
the dude abides.
It has taken more than just a back seat. I put "my space" in the trunk! Thank you, Rick Party!
Yes, sir! That is what I'm talking about. I do get some business through myspace, like Mike said, so I just stop in to check my messages and then come over here. Thanks for your input, Terry!
I really just follow my friends.
It's not like I'm really meeting tons of new people with each new network, I'm mostly encountering the same people.

Right now, most of my real life friends are using Facebook, and quite a few of my online friends are using twitter, so that's where I'll be...
yes...Facebook is where ALL my real life friends are...(from High School and college..etc) Myspace seems to have this stigma among them as being for teenbobbers and hip hop do communicate and do work with several production companies that I found on Myspace and sent demos to....but for real friends, education and is Facebook and VO Universe, hands down.
I actually deleted my Myspace page last week.
I feel liberated.


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