So, I am finally ready to upgrade to the TLM 103. Right now, I have a Shure KSM27 condenser mic which has worked very well for me. I have made a very comfortable living using this mic. In your opinion, is it truly worth it for me to upgrade to the Neumann? I am probably going to do it anyway but I really respect everyone's opinion on here, so I just wanted some feedback. Fire away! :)

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I would spend the money and upgrade. I think you will be amazed at the difference in audio quality no matter what voice print you have. I personally use the Manley Reference (black) Cardioid. I pair it with the Manley Vox Box. It rocks for me! I will be adding the Neumann to my small but growing collection of mics.
Thank you, Randy! I am sure you are right! :)
Hey Joe! I am not surprised! I've read wonderful reviews everywhere. Especially for the price. So, Merry Christmas, Terry Daniel! I am off to get one! :)
I like my 416 at home in the whisper room.....when I get out of the house i use the TLM 103 at a weekly session i do....I like it fine. The pre-amp is a big part of the picture....the Manley Randy has is a work of friend Harry Legg raves about it paired with the Nuemann. But since I fall under the catagory characterized by presidential candidates as "the working poor" the Avalon is a cheaper but very well built pre-amp alternative for thousands less. Joe Cip uses the Avalon with his U-87. You should see if there's a local studio that has a TLM-103 and a few other mics for you to try. Maybe you can trade a VO for the test drive session. I sprung for the 416 because I liked my sound on it at various studios here in Hwood. Good luck Terry
Hey John! Great info as well! I think just to be safe, I'll get all of them! Ha!
38 mics? Get a life! Haha! Seriously, fantastic information!
You are the Uber-Mic-Geek of the Voiceover Universe!
....or as George Neumann might say...
"Sie sind ausgezeichnet" :-)
I haven't found an issue with sibilance on the 103, actually J S. Quite the reverse, in fact. My AT 4040 emphasised this aspect lots, but the 103 is much, much smoother on my voice.
Yes Indeed!! I used to use the Shure KSM32 but once I switched to the TLM over a year ago, a whole new world opened up..Trust me its well worth the 999.99!!!
Hi Terry,
I had a Shure KSM32 and bought a Newmann TLM 193, (which is kind of between the 103 and U87i on the price scale) plus a Rode NT1A. I interchange them, depending on the "sound" desired.
Both mics made a HUGE difference in the overall quality. Both are large diaphragm mics and are very sensitive. The Neumann has a mellower, warmer sound quality, and the Rode is "brighter". Hope this helps!
All the Best,
Bobbin Beam, ISDN Voice Actress
I recently got a TLM-103 and have been very pleased with it. I run it through a Grace 101 pre and I believe I'm producing better sounding stuff than ever before. I still have my Rode K2, which I love, and I have a Groove Tubes "The Brick" pre (which is tube) if I need it. So now I have the possibility of having a tube mic/solid state pre or vice versa combination, as well as go all solid state or all tube. I might be one of those that suffer from major GAS (Gear Aquisition Syndrome), but I'm a total nerd and love new stuff.

I love my TLM-103, but I would say audition several pres to pair with it. My Grace 101 has been touted as the best pre for under $1000. I tend to agree. :)

I recently bought an AKG Perception 420 Condenser Mic for my home studio but due to lack of a proper sound card, I've had to pack it away and continue using my first mic -a RODE Broadcaster for my V/Os in my home studio. In my opinion, even though the AKG 420 has more features, I am quite comfortable with my RODE as it gives me a warmer, fuller, richer sound and the quality is exceptional especially with my Presonus Dual Path Pre-amp attached.
The next mic that I would like add to my collection in the future as suggested by a colleague is the Nuemann M49 Tube. Anyone who has one or wants to share some thoughts on the Nueman M49 Tube or AKG Perception 420 Condenser mic is welcome to do so.


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