I see these videos about "anyone can do voice overs" and I think, really? You know, the one... with the woman reading aloud on the subway. I think it's very misleading.
Not everyone can be as committed to spending the money and hearing no as much as you do as a voice actor. It isn't for everyone, and I'm afraid those who profess that "anyone" can do it are only preying on people's hopes and making a profit from it.
Sure, just sign up for our subscription and we'll send you auditions for jobs that you'll never get, and if you do it's only because you'd do it for 10 dollars.
Nothing personally against these sites, but buyer-beware they are for making money not for the advancement of the art. I do realize that a lot of you have made good money from these services and you see them as a marketing tool. That's fair, I'm just thinking of the newbies.
I'm not trying be crabby about it, but it reminds me a lot of people I meet that tell me they could do voice overs too. I tell them, watch this video. It'll change your life.

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I blame the whole thing on the internet. Imagine back when they needed the Sistine Chapel roof decorated... They could have posted the job on line and invited demos but would Michelangelo gave got the gig.

I am sick of hearing the 'guy* next door' sell me stuff on air. That breeds contempt for the industry and makes the guy* next door think that he can be a VO. There is a cauldron of creatives huddled up somewhere saying "well show those damn VOs what talent is worth". It's like how Big Brother has reinvented celebrity - it's turning media into mediocrity.

Before the internet you actually had to turn up for auditions and if you were crap you would be laughed at to you face, it was brilliant and it was right! It was like like having Simon Cowell telling you how deranged you were at a 'Got Talent or 'Idol audition. Now the internet has give people with the "I'm told I have a great voice" stigmata access to the system and a belief that they can succeed. Now there is a plethora of web sites asking them to sign up, hand over your money and we'll send you auditions.
I'm sure a lot of us are thinking that if they are stupid enough to sign up and hand over - then more fool them, but look at it from the other side - creatives are going to start pitching serious gigs on line and rates of pay are going to get lower and lower. As I said at the start, would Michelangelo have got the gig?


(* or girl)



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