Coach, Can ya help me? (28)


Where is Dolores Diehl?

For anyone based in Los Angeles I love her classes and have been referring her for years but one of my referrals just got back to me saying…

Started by Erin Fitzgerald

1 Apr 12, 2011
Reply by Summer

Do you believe a voice talent ought to use a "slogan" in marketing? Why or why not?

Personally, I have a big thing against a voice talent (or actor or anything else for that matter...) who says "I'm the best." That's what t…

Started by Bettye Zoller

32 Mar 15, 2011
Reply by David W Stone Platinum Offer $1000- Worth it?

Hello,     I was wondering if you guys can give me your opinion on Platinum offer being discounted to $1000. I have booked a few…

Started by Kabir Singh

2 Feb 27, 2011
Reply by Penny Abshire

Is it unethical or against the rules???

I have representation in 2 different parts of the country and they send me a lot of the same auditions. Is it unethical or against the rule…

Started by Dan Wright

4 Nov 9, 2010
Reply by Frank Cabanski


Hi gang, Have you ever encountered negative feedback of your work? At one point or another, I've gotten it from anonymous online comments,…

Started by Dan Roberts

3 Nov 8, 2010
Reply by Frank Cabanski

Hands On Editing Clinc

I'll be in Southern California in early November and I'm hoping to present a hands-on editing clinic. If anyone is interested or has studen…

Started by DAN LENARD

0 Aug 7, 2010

Advanced VO workshops

Hi! Any VO workshops for veteran talent in the Ohio area? Just moved to Dayton area and would appreciate being informed of upcoming events…

Started by Teri Clark Linden

1 Jul 8, 2010
Reply by Barry Trussell

IN STUDIO VOICE OVER WORKSHOP Coming this MAY 18TH, Tuesday @ Ozone 330p-5p

IN STUDIO VOICE OVER WORKSHOP Coming this MAY 18TH, Tuesday @ Ozone 330p-5p JUST another reminder! Practice and fun in a real world setti…

Started by Michael Murphy

1 May 15, 2010
Reply by Michael Murphy

voice workshop for tv reporters

Hi all, I've been asked to teach a 2 hour workshop for community reporters on a local community's 'city news' program. Any ideas on what t…

Started by John Wehrman

2 May 13, 2010
Reply by Dave Courvoisier

Number of Daily Auditions from Home studio

Just wondering as a fairly new VO, how many auditions a seasoned VO might do from home studio in a day? Thank you!

Started by Donna King Miller

1 Mar 12, 2010
Reply by Donna King Miller


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