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I must admit that "life in the box" can drive us a bit cooky, so in my endless quest of daily quotes I've found one the may suit us all....…

Started by VU - Founder - Zurek in Great QuotesLatest Reply

Jay Edwards - Getting Started

Hello all! I'm Jay...(This is where everyone says "Hi Jay!"). I've been working in radio for 2 1/2 years and I'm 21 years old. I started vo…

Started by James Smith in I'm new to VO (Voice over), where do I start?Latest Reply


I'm new to VO (Voice over), where do I start?

Working voiceover talent share info how to start. Take em', put em' in a bag, shake em up and here's whatcha got!

137 Aug 8, 2020
Reply by Alton (Al) Hoover

Great Quotes

2 Jan 26, 2012
Reply by Ramesh Mahtani

Home Studio

Share photos and describe what you have in your home studio "lab," and others share what's required to build one at low cost!

119 Jun 22, 2017
Seeking Mic Pre Recommendations
by John Matthew

VBB (Vocal Booth Buzz) Industry chat, news, rumblings and water cooler talk.

119 May 1, 2020
Voiceover Work from Previous Employer
by Robin Preston

Vocal Exercise

This tool is your money maker, and to work it properly takes daily vocal olympics which include tongue twisters and breathing techniques.

4 Aug 19, 2014
Reply by Bob Beer

Voice - I lost mine...please help!

It happens often when yelling, strenuous exercise, wrong food/liquid in take and even whispering!

9 Oct 4, 2012
Reply by Scott Gentle

Voice Secrets...How can I change mine?

How can a get a deep, dark, raspy sound, or how can I make my deep voice lighter?

2 Aug 19, 2014
Reply by Bob Beer


Discuss what you watch, as well as who & what you study, what puts you in the mood, what inspires you.

10 Sep 2, 2014
Reply by Mark E Clason

Voice Talent - who are your favorites

Tell us who are your favorites?

14 Feb 11, 2013
Behind the Mic - VO Documentary Project
by Justin Coombes-Pearce

Studio Sessions

Live studio sessions make alot of nervous! Talent share preparation to go in with confidence, and how to ACE the gig.

18 Jan 20, 2013
Reply by Erik Martin

I'm the voice of...

You heard the voice, now meet the talent.

32 Jul 12, 2015
It's not what you've done in the past...it's what are you doing now?
by Bettye Zoller


I love it, I do it, I want to do it.

3 May 31, 2012
Reply by Rebecca Forstadt

Audio Book Narrators

Who are you favorites, where can we hear them and what info can you share??

9 Dec 10, 2016
Speaking English in Foreign Dialects - Racist?
by Beverly Bremers

I just booked a gig!

Talent share info about jobs they've book. What were the challenges, highlights, share your overall experience!

24 Jun 20, 2012
by William Kent Ingram

Women in VO, has the biz been fair to you?

For women that believe the good jobs are for men, or some women may believe others aren't trying hard enough.

1 Dec 30, 2008
Reply by Cindy Clifford

I've thought about taking acting classes, but what does it have to do with VO?

3 Sep 6, 2010
I'm now TEACHING voiceover!
by Rich Strong

I'm having trouble with my equipment, can ya help me?

Experts and some novice know a little sum' sum' about your equipment, so here you can a little help.

19 May 9, 2012
Reply by Jeffrey Wolf

Coach, Can ya help me?

Having a good voiceover coach is a vital part of voiceover success. Here all coaches come together to give you a few bits of advice.

28 Jun 22, 2017
Whistling T D and S sounds
by John Matthew

Question of the Day!

1 Feb 18, 2013
Reply by Bethany Rycek


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